Heads up! Driving Tests are changing

Some of you might remember that I’ve only passed my driving test a few months ago. Feels like it’s been years already, and I’m generally pretty comfortable with the whole driving thang (aside from the M25 and tight Cambridge car parks!)

So for those who are lagging a few months behind me, I just spotted some new legislation information which might be of interest:

If you are still to book your Theory Test? Then you need to be quick. As of the 3rd September 2007 the Theory Test will be getting harder. The current pass mark is 30 correct answers out of 35, As of the 3rd September this will raise to 43 correct answers out of 50. There will also be a test fee increase from the current £21.50 rising to £28.50.

I found this via ABMW Driving School‘s news page, one of our past (and favourite!) Pepsmedia clients, and thought I’d share it around. The pass mark you need to get remains 86%, but more questions and more money to spend are never such a welcome thing. So go ahead and book now! Yep, you know who you are! 🙂

One thought on “Heads up! Driving Tests are changing

  1. pa

    te souviens -tu du test à R., Ont….
    20 signaux de routes et 20 choix multiples…hihi
    mais on conduit moins vite , donc on a plus de temps pour lire et réagir..haha bonne semaine!

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