First hands-on thoughts on the iPhone

Ok this is more of a brain dump than a proper review, because I’m far too excited to write anything sensible or worry about sentence structure right now… For a more sensible review of it, see Steve’s review from Friday on the Taptu blog.


  • I’ve always complained that the N95’s camera was bog slow and resulted in always missing the moment. The iPhone’s camera is lightning quick at loading up, and even quicker at being ready for the next shot after a picture. That’s a HUGE plus.
  • It’s ultra-smooth at importing into iPhoto as soon as the USB cable is plugged in.
  • The image quality is actually surprisingly good, certainly good enough for fun shots. We always take the Canon 350D for proper pics, or at least the Sony Cybershot. But as far as snapping a mate making a fool of himself at the pub, this is more than sufficient.


  • Safari is just doing an awesome job at dealing with regular webpages. It smoothly allowed me to login to WordPress, moderate a few comments, then post a blog entry.
  • The keypad is much better than expected. I still hit the wrong letters, but it guesses the correct word every time. The only two words it got wrong so far is calling me “Veto” and preferring “pigs” to “pics”. The only point where typing accurately really matters is when typing a URL, really.
  • The smart-zoom when double-clicking on a column of text is excellent. So much better than the “zoom-in, left a bit, right a bit, left a bit” routine I’d developed w the N95.

In summary, I haven’t yet used it as a phone or an iPod, but as a web browser and a casual camera, and as far as the general user interface goes, it gets an A+.

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