BBC News today in one awesome picture

BBC News today in a snapshot

Today, there were far too many news items on which I wanted to comment, so rather than write five separate posts, I thought I’d merge them into one highly artistic drawing.

  1. Nokia admits to battery issue: I’ve blogged about this on Taptology earlier this afternoon, but the gist of it is that Nokia is having to recall 46 million batteries due to overheating and a risk of them going pop inadvertently.
  2. Kids need to walk to school: In my days, we had to walk uphill both ways in 5ft of heavy snow, but today increasingly overweight kids are getting dropped off at the school door by lazy, time-poor parents, resulting in an all around jolly (read “fat”) family. If there were less cars in the city, we’d be solving the Cambridge Congestion Charge issue at the same time!
  3. Mattel recalls toys for containing lead and small magnets: Toys with unsafe small magnets and lead-based paint is cause for a recall, ensuring kids don’t swallow two magnets, as these might be cause for indigestion or magnetised-together bowels. Sorry but I’m finding that mental picture far too funny for my own good… Plus a bit of lead paint is good character building, my dad would’ve said when I was a kid.
  4. Too much caffeine: A girl was taken to hospital after ingesting 7 double espressos. Methink she was just doing some necessary preparations and practicing for those long “last night before essay hand-in deadline” sessions.
  5. Scotland throws a strop asking for its independence (and some pocket money, plskthx): Another one I covered a little earlier (with a great comment from Liz) – Scotland’s SNP government has set out its plans for a referendum on independence, despite opposition from the other main political parties.

And that’s the news for today! That Canadian Girl: Reading the news so you don’t have to

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