SAD in Summer

This country is completely bonkers this summer. We’ve had so little sunshine, no opportunities for BBQ and a ridiculous amount of rain, I’m finding myself feeling like I’ve got some sort of Seasonal Affective Disorder, causing me to feel completely knackered and sleepy!

I would love a sunny weekend, hot enough for shorts and a BBQ!

At the moment, I just want a kitten to curl up with and a good book. (As an aside, I finished reading Harry Potter last night. Shame it’s all over now, it’s such easy holiday-style reading!)

So yeah… cup of green tea and some music will do.

One thought on “SAD in Summer

  1. Patrice

    Wow, we have had such a dry summer in NY. Very hot, humid and annoyingly dry. Today we are expecting a storm and i can’t wait. The heat is ridiculous for us fat people.

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