Twitter is ignoring me: Please fix my username

Since April, I’ve been asking Twitter to fix a problem.

Twitter doesn't love meBet I’m not the only one coming up with bug fix requests and ideas. They must have bug fix requests coming out their ears. I appreciate that. But they’re ignoring me completely. So I’m going to publicly stamp my feet and have a bit of a strop, and hope something happens.

I signed up for Twitter in December 2006. At that point, I selected the username “thatcanadiangirl” because I’m original like that. The system didn’t complain about it and I went on my merry way using Twitter. Later on, I tried to change some of my settings, but this wasn’t possible. Documented on Flickr and emailed Twitter flagging up the bug. No response.

I coped with it figuring changing my full name wasn’t exactly important. But curiosity killed the cat and a few months later, I figured out I was now able to change my settings! So woohoo, go add my real name in there or a URL or something!

Twitter username brokenBut nooo, Twitter had fixed this the lazy way. By truncating my username to 15 characters with no regards for us existing 16 char users. Umm, do I cut a foot off your body because you’re too tall to fit in my front door?

So now my username is “thatcanadiangir”, without the L. I probably miss half my @replies but Twitter isn’t fussed. No replies to emails I sent again.

So here I am, with an incomplete username and no response from my otherwise beloved Twitter, sobbing into my beer, alone in the corner.

One thought on “Twitter is ignoring me: Please fix my username

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