David Cameron says 'immigration is too high'

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David CameronToday, I’ve got a bone to pick with my old friend David Cameron. For those who either a. aren’t based in the UK, b. aren’t interested in politics or c. live under a rock, he’s the leader of the Conservative party.

Immigration over the past decade has been “too high” and needs to be better controlled, Conservative leader David Cameron has told the BBC’s Newsnight. People’s concerns were “not because of different cultures” or the colour of someone’s skin but pressure on schools, hospitals and housing, he said. [BBC News, today]

I won’t go on much about the latter statement, because I agree that there are pressures on schools, hospitals and housing, all of which scare the bejeezus out of me. But just quickly, a. education in the UK, unless you pay vast amounts, your kids will inevitably be truant chavs it seems, b. the hospitals and local clinics I’ve seen so far made me feel sicker when I left than when I’d walked in, a stark opposite to the clinically clean Montfort Hospital or Children’s Hospital I’ve been to in my Canadian youth, and c. house prices are exorbitant and unrealistic, if you’re not already in the UK, just watch an episode of Location x3, you’ll agree.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the UK. I (generally) love people’s less brash and aggressive attitude than one would find in North America. Humour, culture and music, I feel far more in tune with than any North American guff that gets produced. And friends and family, which I have here, I adore too.

What I will go on about is how, as far as legal immigrants are concerned, we have to jump through such hoops to get into this bloody land of King Arthur, Amy Winehouse and fish & chips. After those pirouettes, I expect no less than to be welcomed with open arms.

I’ve paid disgraceful amounts in visa fees (4 visas in total, one more to come possibly), filled in the worst forms I’ve ever seen without complaining, spent some severely traumatising days queuing at the Croydon Home Office, being herded like a sheep and treated like a criminal*. I’m University-educated, well-spoken… usually, and I make enough money to fund myself and give up a generous chunk of my monthly salary in taxes – so hearing that there’s too many immigrants around winds me up just a tad bit.

There’s unquestionably some work to be done in the key areas that keep a “First World” country up and running, there undoubtedly are some immigrants which don’t give to the country as much as they take, but please Davie, don’t paint us all immigrants with the same bold magnolia paintbrush. Look at your own populace and join Ann Widdecombe in her war against the UK’s very own benefits culture. Oh yes, that’d be fun!

Otherwise it’s you and me, handbags at dawn, baby!

[* Andrew presses me to add “and paid some unbelievable parking fees!”]
[Disclaimer: The theories above are provided under Creative Commons license, on an as-is basis and the author takes no responsibilities over any of her own words and accepts that the statements above are like Swiss Cheese. She’s in rant mode tonight.]

2 thoughts on “David Cameron says 'immigration is too high'

  1. Tony

    David Cameron is not referring to Highly Skilled Migrants, who as you point out are being treated appallingly by this government and become a soft target in the immigration battle. He is talking about low skilled workers who come here en masse. I have discussed this issue recently on my blog. It is skilled workers that Cameron wants to encourage to come here.

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