Watch out for nasty Quechup!

Just a quickie to let everyone know that if you receive an invite from a friend to a social network called Quechup, don’t sign up. I received one from Hugh MacLeod, quickly followed by a blog post apologising to everyone for the unwanted invite.

As Pete from Mashable says in his post on Quechup:

The issue lies with their “check for friends” form: during signup you’re asked to enter your email address and password to see whether any of your friends are already on the service. Enter the password, however, and it will proceed to mail all your contacts without asking permission. This has led to many users issuing apologies to their friends for “spamming” them inadvertently. Hopefully the bad PR on this one will force them to change the system.

So if you MUST go have a look at it, ensure you don’t enter the email address and password for it to go “check for friends”. In other words, I better not get an invite from anyone!

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