IPod nano red on order!

iPod nano red on orderDo I really even need to say it? Or does the picture on the right and my empty wallet say it all?

Yes, I’ve given in, I’ve got a red iPod nano on order. In my defense, it’s my birthday on the 19th so it’s my pressie. And it’s the “good cause” iPod too. I’m helping fight AIDS in Africa by giving my money to Mr. Jobs.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had the luxury of music in my pocket. My N95 is far too rubbish to be used for music, and while I have an old iPod Shuffle (the kind that looks like a USB key, not the slick tiny clippy one), I’ve never liked the shuffling concept.

So here it is, my first real iPod. It’s red. It’s lush. I can’t wait to get it! Shame it won’t arrive before I go to Finland and Russia next week though… :S

12 thoughts on “IPod nano red on order!

  1. Adam

    Congrats on finding the iPod you wanted so easily. Though if it were me, that accessible to London, I would consider a trip to a store to make sure I had it in hand before the travel…

  2. pa

    bon ben ..une sortie au McDonald ça compte-tu pour un cadeau de fête?? C’était plus facile 20 ans passés..c’est une belle technologie..( j’aurais du garder mes 100 actions à 22$ de Apple en 2001)bye..

  3. Vero

    Adam – s’all good, I get to use the company’s iPhone as replacement until it arrives… Hey it could be worse, I get to watch Diggnation on a bigger screen 😀

    Mat – Definitely, I’d get one if I didn’t already have my eye firmly on an iPhone.

    Papa – Ca me ferait plaisir d’aller au McDo avec toi 🙂 Anyday!

  4. Trina


    Um…I am thinking about getting the red one too, but I have a question: is it purplish red (like the website shows) or bright red (exactly like the 2nd generation red one?)
    Thank you so much for answering my question~


  5. Lilly

    Your not the only one with a empty wallet trust me!
    I just orederd the exact same thing as you today it will hopefully arive soon,(I really wanted a Ipod touch though) but whatever I love the red!
    QUESTION- Since I orderd online will I be able to get it fixed if something happens to it?

  6. Anisa

    So sorry!! I totally fixed it! When I was looking for red nano pics, I ran across your blog… don’t mean to be a theif! Thanks for commenting, so I could correct it!

    p.s. you have an entertaining blog here! 🙂

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