Cracked MacBook problem solved

I’m an Apple addict, there’s no denying it. Twenty years of using Macs and still going strong. And usually, I couldn’t be happier with what I buy and have rarely had any problems.

Cracked MacBook closeupBut on Tuesday, when you looked at me, all you could see was a sad Mac face, because my white MacBook was cracked where my right wrist sits on the top deck and clearly needed to be fixed. I read about others with the same problem, thinking my laptop was over a year old and no longer under warranty, I started to think of how expensive or lengthy the replacement process might get.

Thankfully, Andrew snapped me back into reality by saying our laptops still were under warranty. So I promptly called Apple Customer Care to arrange a repair under warranty. The first call didn’t sound too promising – I went through to an Indian (?) call centre where the quality of the phone line was so poor and crackly, I had to shout my MacBook’s serial number six times, with Andrew giggling increasingly with every “E for Echo, L for Lima!”

I ended up calling it quits and calling the Bluewater shopping centre’s Apple store directly to ask whether they’d have the part in stock if I came by on Saturday. No promises were made regarding stock, but by Thursday morning 9:01am, I had a Genius Bar appointment booked for this morning.

Showed up at the store before opening, spoke to a really nice guy who took my laptop in, saying it could be a few days, even up to 10 days, if they didn’t have the part in stock. Feeling slightly distressed and anxious, I left the store.

We shopped a little, we watched Yo Sushi chefs work like ants on preparing for lunchtime, and then we ate a few plates of sushi each. Still feeling bummed out about leaving my laptop behind, we popped by Virgin Megastore, thinking we might find a suitable movie for the evening. (Random trivia: I nearly bought Breakfast at Tiffany’s for a fiver, I’ve yet to see that movie, you know… Celia would kill me if she knew!)

While in the store, my phone rang, but I didn’t recognise the number and let it go to answerphone. Promptly checked the voicemail – while thinking I really need SpinVox voicemail-to-SMS – and nearly choked. It was the girl from Apple telling me my laptop was ready!! We nearly ran back to the store to get it, then went home feeling wholly satisfied with our day.

One morning is all it took for my MacBook to get sorted out! They not only replaced the plastic trim around the keyboard, but also replaced the entire keyboard and trackpad, as it comes out as one piece. Andrew reckons they’ve also changed the screen surround but I’m less convinced.

It cost us a morning’s trip to Bluewater, but would have been £142 out of warranty. You know what, I think I’m going to get extended warranty for it. My laptop’s far too important to be allowed to go wrong ever.

So thanks Bluewater Apple store, your speedy, quality work is appreciated!

7 thoughts on “Cracked MacBook problem solved

  1. celia

    Just read that!! What do you mean you have not seen Breakfast at Tiffiny’s??!?! Where have you been??? Thats too much messing on the internet thats what that is!! Shocking!!

  2. Nic

    OMG! I had the exact same problem. I dropped my poor little Mac Book off at the Apple store this afternoon. I hope they swap out my keyboard too! The letters are waring off! Your post made my day! Thanks!!!

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  4. Geordan

    hi, well i’ve just been surfing the net to find out about a problem i’ve had with my nice shiny white macbook:( and my macbook is cracked in the exact same places as yours where my wrists rest. am a 15 year old kid so no way will I be able to pay for it to be reapired so I hope it is covered by the apple waranty as my macbook is only 2 months old. please does anyone here know if the retail stores tend to stock the the part or should I try and phone my local store direct to find out if they have it in stock? can you even phone them direct? and do you think they’ll have a clue what am talking about?

  5. Jentree

    Thanks for posting this! I thought maybe I somehow set my mac down too hard or something and it was my fault….even though I couldn’t really recall when that would have happened exactly.

    Such perfect timing…There is not an Apple Store in my town. In class this week a girl told me she worked at an Apple Store. I was thinking “no way”, I knew the closest store was 3 hours away from me. But I looked online and discovered such a thing as Apple Authorized Service Providers! I called them today (Saturday) and they told me to call back on Monday and they will take care of it. They admitted it was a common problem.

    I’m so glad I decided to look around and see if others had the same problem! I was seconds away from super gluing the crack…I just bought some super glue today! I checked my warranty online and it expires in 17 days!

    I’m so thankful this happened now and not 18 days from now!

    Ok I’m silly.

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