Sweet Roxy, Pink Roxy

I ain’t a big time blogger. I’m definitely not A-list. In fact, I don’t know if I’m even E-list. And E-list bloggers don’t get cool benefits from their internet ramblings – except for the occasional stranger running up to you going “heyyyy you’re that canadian girl! … I don’t know your real name, sorry…” – which just further causes you to feel like a total dweeb.

Roxy perfumesHowever, a few weeks ago, I struck lucky when the lovely people at Roxy asked me if I’d like to review their new girly fragrance. How can one refuse a freebie? Especially one that’s pink and smells pretty.

So I’m not usual one to talk about uber-girly stuff like fragrances, unless they smell of Play-Doh, but if you’ll oblige me for a moment, I’ll switch into that mode.

When the package arrived at work, I literally had to tackle the other girls in the office to the ground to get a hold of it. I opened it, expecting travel-size samples of the products, but found a full size eau de toilette, a body lotion and a shower gel!

Now, before I give my verdict, I’ll say the following: Roxy have won themselves a blog entry on the product, but they can’t buy my opinion. Those who read me regularly will know I tend to be rather blunt about it.

However, the fragrance smells heavenly and I’d shower in it if I could – and in fact, I do, with the shower gel. It’s light and yummy, and makes me feel really zen and positive. It’s a great way to start the day! (Please don’t tell me you expected a “punctuated with a zest of citrus fruits and velvety berries, with tones of magnolia and a magnificent organic Ylang” tune, because you know I’d be reading off their press release.)

Where they failed to impress me is with their marketing. They’ve launched the website Roxy Parfums which, while cute and pink, doesn’t quite do it for me. Does anyone else get a white box right in the middle where a video should be playing? And that’s accompanied by some dubious-at-best blog entries by Roxy, and a game that now seems to have expired. Why not invite a real girl to blog about her lifestyle? And why not leave the game running and add a caption saying the competition is over? I might like to try the game anyways, you know.

But aside from the slightly dodgy marketing, the fragrance itself is sooo nice that I really wish my blog had smellovision so I could share it with you.

Roxy can be bought at Debenhams, amongst other locations, so pop by at lunchtime and grab a little spritz of it. You’ll love it. It really is nice enough to give you a boost of energy and a little pick-me-up!

3 thoughts on “Sweet Roxy, Pink Roxy

  1. elia

    i would really like this perfume and i am 10

    i am a real roxy girl i would really like a makeover for free in my room full of roxy stuf pleaseeeeeee

    lot of love elia

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