Too excited. Might blow up.

Today is going so well, I’m kind of tip toeing around for fear that it’s too good to be true and the Big Bad Monster of Stress and Worries will wake up and eat me.

But for now, let’s celebrate all the good stuff:

  1. We’re picking up the kittens, Jack and Rose, tonight. Can’t wait!
  2. I’m definitely getting an iPhone. On launch day. You just try and stop me now!
  3. I’ve booked my ticket to Future of Mobile conference in London. See you there!
  4. Google IMAP has been enabled on my account. Sweet!
  5. Leopard is still perfectly smooth and functional and lurvly on my MacBook. Rowr!
  6. Even my lunchtime sandwich from the crummy vans outside was reasonably good.

Let’s all bask in the positiveness for once, because you ain’t getting this on my blog again anytime soon.*

[* Note that this post is not even fuelled by cheekily swiped Halloween candy. I haven’t had sugar yet. Really!]

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