Straight out of the ice age

Defrosting the freezer is something that we all think “oh yeah, must really do that next weekend” but since it’s about as exciting as watching paint dry, it always gets delayed.

Well, last night, looks like I didn’t shut the freezer door properly. Bugger. It means that, this morning, there was a nice puddle of water and a hell of a lot of defrosted food around. Thankfully, the kittens hadn’t spotted the mess and stayed nicely away while I cleaned the whole thing up.

Three nearly-finished loaves of bread with a whole ice age worth of frost on them, a few melted ice lollies, a bag of pesto cubes (ooh great find!) and some frostbitten bagels. So really, not many food casualties.

I apologise to the environment for the wasted electricity overnight, I’ll make up for it by planting a tree or composting the cat poo or something…

At least I’ve just recuperated about 25 Ikea food bag clips. So THAT’s where they’d all gone. And here I was, blaming Andrew for throwing them away carelessly.

And the moral of this story – since there needs to be a moral to such a boring post – take half an hour today, empty, defrost and clean up your freezer, especially if it’s not a frost-free one. You’re making it work doubly hard with all that crappy ice, therefore using more power than necessary.

Right, well, time to go get reacquainted with the bottle of grapefruit vodka I also found in the freezer, wedged between the year-old oven yorkshire puddings and the half melted ice lollies.

One thought on “Straight out of the ice age

  1. pa

    je ris tout seul, mais je vais le faire lire à Francine…jadis, les frigos (section congélateur) étaient plus humides et produisaient 1 pouce de glace par 4-5 mois..c’était long à néttoyer mais meilleur pour les fruits et lé je blog..
    bonne semaine xx

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