What pisses me off most about the British man who "went missing" for 5 years…

Mr & Mrs Darwin in Panama…isn’t that he’s lieing, cheating and being a downright fraud to avoid paying back his debts, which apparently amount to tens of thousands. It’s that police search & rescue and detective resources, which are already scarce, were wasted on a man who consciously went into hiding.

These are resources that should have been spent on fighting crime, supporting communities and working on other unsolved cases which deserve the attention.

Mr and Mrs Darwin, you are greedy, selfish people and I feel sorry for anyone who failed to receive due care from the police and local authorities because of your shortsighted behaviour. Did you really think you’d live on forever without being caught? Idiots.

5 thoughts on “What pisses me off most about the British man who "went missing" for 5 years…

  1. Darren Barefoot

    I feel the same way about hikers and skiers who go out-of-bounds or trekking through the wilderness and then require search and rescue to pull them out. If it can be proved that they behaved irresponsibly, then the ‘victim’ ought to have to cover the cost of their rescue.

  2. Vero

    Couldn’t agree more. Without saying that we should all play it safe and stay on the beaten track day in, day out, I think there’s a way to take calculated risk without being an idiot about it…

  3. Bimble

    What I found slightly worrying is that not only did he manage to get to Panama to have his photo taken, but he got back again to hand himself in.

    A man who’s officially dead, and therefore has no passport.

  4. Vero

    Damn you make a really good point there… Fake passport and deceiving authorities as he strolls around the world.

    Well, here’s an advert to those who want to pull off this kind of stunt that Britain’s a good place to dissapear from, hah!

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