Complaint Letter follow-up: British Telecom (sort of) sees sense

A week ago, I shared my complaint letter to British Telecom with readers, and it seemed to have had an impact! Many of you seem to have had issues with either BT as well (some sound far worse off than me!) and others with Direct Debit in general.

On Tuesday morning, I turned my phone on to find a voicemail asking me to call back Linda Duggan at British Telecom. Speaking to Linda, she assured me the refund for the full engineer visit charge would be refunded today. (As an aside, no, the money isn’t in my account yet, so whoever said “they promised you’d have it in your account by Christmas… but Christmas of what year?” will probably turn out to be right.)

So the outcome is as follows: I got my money back after a bit of whinging, I got an explanation on how to change my direct debit from “Full bill” to “Monthly bill” but nothing resembling an apology for taking the money in the first place.

The first lesson we all get out of this is that we need to keep a very close eye on our finances because companies will unapologetically take excessive funds out of our accounts without so much as a notification. I discovered there was a difference between Full bill and Monthly bill payment, and will ensure, from now on, that only the authorised amount gets debited.

The other lesson is that you shouldn’t be afraid to be forward and take your complaint straight to the top. Faffing with call centres won’t get you anywhere, they are not interested in your problem. Go to the chairman, the press office, the customer relations officer, and follow-up on it regularly. Don’t let it slip, be prompt in dealing with it when you discover the problem and you’ll get resolution.

4 thoughts on “Complaint Letter follow-up: British Telecom (sort of) sees sense

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  2. not disclosed

    i have accessed this blog just to see the lack of service bt is offering its customers… As an advisor i can safely say that we are mere bt robots have to adhere to bt proceedure, this being: low morale, army style ‘break them down and rebuild’ talk time on every call is monitored and logged as STATS, we are all given minutes (literally) per call to deal with each individual enquiry/complaint per customer contact and if we go over these minutes we are then placed on a PIP (performance improvement plan).. BT is a joke, they have utter disregard for any single customer or its employees, they generate £’s in their bank not satisfaction and they really do think they are the be all and end all of all service providers. when i receive a call such as yours i would log this as a ‘complaint’ irrespective as to the amount of lost souls (bt advisors) you have spoke to over any given period this goes against me as an individual because i would have taken the time to discuss, acknowledge and address your full circumstance. what bt would have addressed is the time in which i would have taken to talk to you in order to get a resolution, (getting your money back into your bank account). Please note, i am a mere mortal, sucked into abys which is bt, i do see the light at the end of this tunnel and once i surface i will make a disclosure ‘public interest’ and dispite bt and all advisor and management denials what i state is true and what Bt management must acknowledge is that i am not in their control. i really do sympathise with what you are going through but bt really are a law unto themselves (without a doubt it is run by freemasons) and i can tell you that your refund has probably been applied against your next bill not into your bank account. (this again is a bt trait, as the monies remain in their bank account gaining interest).. Cable companies are the way ahead, bt is a sinking ship and i am not going down with the brown nosed, small minded little bt snitches, (there are many within bt who kiss backsides, tell tales, haven’t had any life experience at all, bitch and back bite and all are within their own little bt ‘must do’ state of mini mindedness. (these are probably the kind of individuals you have dealt with, who have not resolved your issues largely because they are never quizzed or questioned by the management as to ‘what the hell are they doing’, they see themselves as the sellect few who can get away with ‘non customer service’, lil’ ol’ me and a few others who do deal i’m afraid out hands are tied, although we do not flock with the other sheep, we would be the first to go on a PIP until we adhere too bt ignorance.. Not me, never, you custom has kept me in a job and keep the bt (not so good ship lollipop) afloat (crap as it is), so thank you but i do feel that the UK need to wake up and dismiss bt as a has-been company and pop bt on the back boiler of hell to stew for eternity and never resurface or rekindle an embers.. (crickey, do i sound bitter? at least i’m sure you can pass this little bit of insight to as many as possible and make bt management life and their directors bloody miserable and give them a crap new year. Thank you for your time.. and all the best, i truely hope i get to talk to someone who raises a comment. bye for now

  3. K

    My credit card was debited for a product we’d cancelled 4 months earlier that BT had already overcharged us for by over £50.00. They’d already agreed they owed us the refund on the £50+ but went ahead and debited my credit card for an additional month anyway, even though – and this is the nasty part – the credit card they chose to debit was not the same card used to pay for the cancelled product and was in my own name and not my husband’s as the other card had been.

    After 4 hours and at least 15 BT representatives – that’s how long it took to get hold of someone that admitted to being authorised to deal with the issue – I was told that the extra money had not been debited from my account. This, was, of course untrue………

    I was eventually given assurances that I would be paid back – but not to the credit card account but to my bank account – this is illegal apparently (only the debited account can be refunded because of money laundering laws) but the umpteenth BT representative explained that they had no record of having debited my credit card account and could therefore not refund it……hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    I have yet to see any money………… will update this blog as and when……………..

  4. Anon

    Short comment from me… ive just read your post about BT and read the comment from a fellow advisor and i agree with everything he/she said. Its that bad im quitting next week 😀

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