Pepsmedia gets a new look for 2008

New Pepsmedia site for 2008With the beginning of a new year comes a brand new look for our Pepsmedia website.

We’ve been so privileged to have the opportunity to work with interesting, open (and sometimes challenging) clients in recent months, and they have kept us so busy that we’d neglected to update our own portfolio.

I’m looking forward to seeing what 2008 will bring!

One thought on “Pepsmedia gets a new look for 2008

  1. pa

    `C’est très beau et clair…et direct..J’aime mieux cette approche que l’autre modèle. Je vous souhaite boone chance dans vos projets 2008. Pas facile d’écrire régulièrement quand on a beaucoup de travail..La maison?? Les chats??
    bonne semaine!

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