Heading off to SXSW

Since we moved house, I’ve had little to no opportunity to blog – too busy at work and no Internet at home, thanks to BT screwing up (yet again) so here’s a quickie post from the iPhone!

On Wednesday, I’ll be deserting friends and family over here to go hang out with a bunch of Texans. Its that time of the year. It’s SXSW time!

If you’re also attending, get in touch. If you’re not, then please go keep the husband and cats company. Hopefully I’ll get the chance to fill you in on the house move…

4 thoughts on “Heading off to SXSW

  1. Peps

    … so if anybody would like to come over to fill in for Vero’s absence, then it would be very much appreciated.

    Only tall busty blondes (or Celia) may apply!

  2. pa

    Andrew!!! you naughty boy…..I will send you 30cm of snow on your new driveway. Pour Vero, mercredi était la 9ème journée d’autobus scolaire annulé, pour tempête cette fois-ci..
    Bon voyaaaaaaaaaaage!
    I bet it will be time for fish and chips and beer with the boys??

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