Ofcom says yes on more TV ads

I’m disgusted to find out that Ofcom is about to allow more advertising on commercial television channels in the UK. Somehow, in response to people using more personal video recorders like Sky Plus, Ofcom’s been fooled in believing that the answer is to slap on some more ad minutes into every show.

The geekier masses have migrated towards online sources for entertainment, and I’ve got a feeling that if UK television is heading the same way as American shows, crammed with obnoxious and imposing ads, more Brits will start relying on Joost, Bittorrent, iTunes podcasts and other services.

The advertising industry is so sick, all the way to the core, I don’t think it’ll ever recover. If you agree that this new suggested ruling, allowing more ad breaks, should be stopped, please let your comments be heard by Ofcom, do it now, and pass it on to others around you!

3 thoughts on “Ofcom says yes on more TV ads

  1. Bimble

    I’m going to say very little, but there is a reason why I have the BBC on tv at the moment… and thinking about it I’ve only watched the BBC tonight…

  2. Si Philp

    Surely if they are going to put on more adverts then the price of the tv license should come down. I very rarely watch any of the “normal channels” mainly the ones i pay for with sky.

  3. pa

    Je pense que sans la PUB… la télévision et l’internet courteraient très chères??
    Je suis habitué..à faire mute pour 3 minutes, ranger la cuisine, jaser avec francine, faire du stretching..et revenir à l’émission..
    Mon fidèle VHS a même enregistré plus de 30 x sur la même cassette et elle fonctionne encore ,,,quelle gaspillage de matériaux en forçant les gens à HD. etc..
    Sans parler de tout le monde qui travaille en arts et pub??
    Bon enfin, il y a encore 24 pouces de neiges sur le toit et un mêtre sur la pelouse…lets watch more springtime commercials and wait for the dandelions..bonne semaine

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