Brain in renovation: Thank you for bearing with us

Since my last post on the 20th, we’ve been having a whirlwind of a time! We went away for a week to a fabulous castle in Devon, which we lovingly named Castle Anthrax (if that isn’t self explanatory enough and you’re wondering why we’re wearing very silly costumes in some of these pics, then watch this clip or rent Monty Python’s Quest for the Holy Grail.

I couldn’t tell you because Andrew worried that you’d come and nick our telly while we’re away. But now that we’re home and equipped with two barking mad security cats, now, I can tell you. And let me tell you, it was a blast of a holiday. No technology, just a bloody big fireplace and a jacuzzi on the roof of the castle.

You’ll tell me, it’s no excuse, you’ve been back since Friday, why haven’t you blogged since, you slacker? Well, partially because I’m just that, a slacker who wallows in her non-blogging guilt. But also because my brain power has been taken by some new and exciting project I’ve cooked up. More on this next week.

Tonight’s blog entry, aside from a (totally insincere, can you tell?) apology for not writing in nearly two weeks, it’s my first opportunity to play with the freshly-released WordPress 2.5, which has a lovely and swish new user interface. Thank you Mr. Mullenweg, we lurve you!

This is all we’ve got time for today, folks, but I’ll be back later with some more of my insightful babble. For now, back to your knitting, origami swan making or whatever it is you people do with your evenings!

Good night.
Mrs. Vero S. Pepperrell
Queen Bee in your Bonnet

2 thoughts on “Brain in renovation: Thank you for bearing with us

  1. pa

    Francine a écrit the above…moi, j’ajoute ..tu écris bien et tu a pris du bon temps au Chateau. Je vais regarder ‘The holy G’ bientôt.
    Tu a un nouveau projet..? une inspiration de la fin-de-semaine?? dans le ‘calme’ du moyen âge?

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