It's my blog's birthday: That Canadian Girl 4 years on

Cake!I find it hard to believe that this blog is now four whole years of age. It certainly wasn’t my first blog – the first would probably trace back to around 2000, but was a poor excuse for a blog. It was, however, the first WordPress blog where I actually bothered buying a real domain name rather than a borrowed subdomain on someone else’s dodgy hosting, and it’s the first time I made an effort to scrap some thoughts together on a somewhat regular basis.

The first post was something to do with, an early sibling of Second Life, the kind of avatar-based online world I’ve never had much interest in. A random start, but a start nonetheless.

Now, four years on, I can hardly imagine my life without blogging. It’s shaped much of what my career has become, giving me the fun experience of writing for Shiny Shiny a few times and resulting in getting headhunted to become a corporate blogger for Taptu a year ago.

Since those days, blogging has become pretty mainstream, both to my pleasure and dismay. It’s great to see so many people picking up a hobby once reserved for nerds who knew how to clunk together some HTML and update pages manually. Unfortunately, so many people also get the wrong end of the stick. I can’t judge personal bloggers, because it’s entirely up to them to write how they like and when they like. It’s the marketers, the CEOs, the business people who’ve decided to pick up blogging – I wish I could lend them a hand, help them make sense of blogs, which are so much more than just an online marketing platform.

But at least, at the very least, they are picking up on these new technologies. You gotta start somewhere, after all. You fall over the first few times you ride your bike, but you learn. Hopefully, I can help these marketers stop falling off their bikes. (Oh now that was a funny mental picture for me. Was it good for you?)

So, four years then… I might not be willing to raise little sprogs of my own any time soon, but my blog, that’s my baby. Happy birthday, little one!

Looking back:

2 thoughts on “It's my blog's birthday: That Canadian Girl 4 years on

  1. pa

    It’s uphill…on a good bicycle called the internet (dad’s wisdom) Je me souviens de tenir la bicyclette dans le stationnement des condos sur la rue Edwards. ‘Vas-y..lâche-pas…tourne…. boingggg…on recommence..’! Tous les jours on pense à toi et ton buddy Andrwew.. I remember the day I took the little practice wheels of that cheap blue bicycle. Unfortunately, there were to many hills on our street to practice. I should find a pcture of Vero at 4 years old?? Where you live now must be nicer for cycling?? Don’t put the laptop on the handlebars (smile) Félicitations pour 4 ans de ‘journal de bord’!!

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