Bloggers: Be confident, positive (and humble)

This evening, I came across a post where I couldn’t help but think that I had to share with fellow bloggers.

Darren Rowse, pro-blogger and six-digit-salary man, tells bloggers to get rid of their inferiority complex, and I could not agree more! He gets loads of emails from bloggers asking for tips or advice (why don’t I get more mail from you readers?!) with many self-deprecating comments, claiming they’re “no A-list blogger” and “don’t write as well as they do…”

So this is to tell you, my fellow bloggers, to take pride in what you do. It doesn’t matter if all you write is a weenie little blog to track your child growing up, your BMI going down by preparing for a half-marathon for charity, or a technology rant.

Think positive, be proud of the fact that you’ve braved the wild world of blogging. You may not realise it but you’re boldly going where most of people around you won’t have. So grab that blog by the horns and be a sassy self-promoter. Whether it gets you a job, helps you find like-minded people for a project or just gives you an outlet to blow some steam off, enjoy the fact that you’re still more cutting edge than you might think.

6 thoughts on “Bloggers: Be confident, positive (and humble)

  1. Darren Cronian

    Hear Hear. I completely agree with you Vero.

    There’s some damn good blogs out there with TONS of useful information, and I find nowadays I search for blogs on a topic I want to read about (I’m reading about branding right now) rather then use Google to find sites.

    I’d like to see more bloggers take pride in their work.

    I’m a modest person – but I’ve been raving all week about my blog award, because its not until people tell you it’s not until people tell you it’s an achievement that you start to believe it.

  2. Annie Mole

    I couldn’t agree more. Even before I blogged I would talk about any tiny piece of press coverage I got on – my ex husband & I joked about the fact I got people on newsgroups saying “stop saying your site’s so great” which led to this page

    I now have my absolute dream job and have had several fab internet jobs prior to this largely due to my blog.

    Today the ultimate happened for me appearing in Reuters:

    Traffic has exploded.

    Believe in yourself first and foremost, if you don’t no one else will.

  3. Mathew Patterson

    Yes, absolutely! Also, don’t give your blog a subtitle like “random thoughts” or “crazy mutterings”. Have some self confidence and say it’s about you, or your cat or your topic.

    Unless it is actually random, which is unlikely to be readable.

  4. bena Roberts

    I agree! But I have found that its very difficult with a blog. When I worked as an analyst I was more credible – as a blogger – its other analysts that have “jested” at me and said I am taking analysis to the (bad) end of the world..

    But confidence in writing is essential. Say what you mean!

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