iPhone 2.0: Does it really matter?

So it’s happened. Saint Jobs announced the Second Coming of his child, the Holy iPhone.

The 3G iPhone has arrived

Like Ben, I sat in front of my MacBook watching MacRumors, TUAW and Cali Lewis liveblog and report on the Keynote. Unlike Brian, I wasn’t mad (or privileged) enough to attend the Keynote at the Moscone Center, in SF.

Keynotes are a bit like circus acts. The event is rehearsed to the second, we all watch and wait with bated breath for the grandiose final scene, wondering whether anyone’s going to fall flat on their face along the way. While the keynote was light on substance, the short of it is the new iPhone hardware includes 3G, GPS, and there are a number of software changes – MobileMe particularly appeals to me.

However, the biggest change isn’t in the physical device. It’s all in the perception. Last time around, Apple was looking for early adopters, geeks and IWOOTs* to test-run their product in a giant, live usability testing session. Now that they’ve been able to watch us use the device, it’s time to reach out to the normobs with lower upfront costs. While the tariffs are still in the upper end of the scale, unlimited data makes it completely worthwhile.

As an existing user, I’m grateful that under O2’s reign I’m not given the “brand new customers only” treatment. I can upgrade without getting stung for breaking my contract. All first generation owners shedding their skin in prep for the Second Coming means there’ll be a number of orphaned first-generation iPhones floating around. Mine, for example, will most likely find a new home with my father-in-law, Roy. I’m curious to see what the trickle-down impact of giving second hand iPhones to unlikely buyers like Roy will have on the profile of future buyers.

I think Apple will continue to own marginal marketshare, because the iPhone remains too expensive, too complex and too closed for most, but it’s about to take a significant leap ahead. Are you jumping with me? Or kicking back and shaking your head at the fangirl* that I am? 😉

[* Def. IWOOT: “I want one of those”, otherwise known as saddos like me who can’t resist the latest gadget, even at exorbitant prices.]
[* A fangirl who began supporting Apple back in 1986 when it definitely wasn’t cool to own a Mac!]

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3 thoughts on “iPhone 2.0: Does it really matter?

  1. Adam

    The real news here is that the iPhone has moved from IWOOT to OGOT*. I was really impressed by O2’s pitch *and* the introduction of not only a lower subscription point but PAYG pricing as well. Exciting!

    [* Def. OGOT: “Oh Go On, Then,” characterised by a price point that’s low enough for a punt.]

  2. Liz

    You’re more of a Fan Girl than me 🙂 Nope I’m sticking with the original until they sort out the camera 4 or 5 mega pixels would be good, there is some sort of way of taking video on it. We don’t have 3G in Ely so I couldn’t do any fancy surfing and I mostly use wi fi hotspots when I’m anywhere else.

    Roll on v3 of the iPhone!

  3. pa

    Father-in-law will want tech support included …I would.
    Since you need to test the new tech gadgets..maybe they will have a new electronic piano that needs testing and marketing??
    Hint ( how much does it cost to send a used keyboard overseas) (smile).

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