I'm a camel, I'm a balloon, I'm an entirely Flash website!

I’m a bit torn.

Poke, a digital agency in London, created this funky campaign for Orange mobile’s Pay As You Go tariffs – you know, the raccoon, camel, canary and dolphin balloons? Yeah, well, if you see a camel called Vero fly by, don’t adjust your medication – it’s just me floating by.

The campaign involves floating from one website to the next, in a StumbleUpon random-new-site manner, using your air canister to boost yourself along. You pick up stars, more air canisters and rainbows along the way. All this nonsense for the sake of an Ibiza holiday for the winner.

It’s cute, it’s entertaining, but my one gripe is that the entire site was developed as a gigantor Flash animation. I’ve been known to whinge about Flash before, and I’m just not a fan of sites that have no deep-linking or easy ways to navigate. Plus, it makes my Mac whirr itself into a frenzy!

But I just can’t help it, I keep on travelling! So go on, Boost my Camel, baby!

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