Wikio Top 20 UK Tech Blogs

The wonderful team at Wikio gave me a sneak preview at the July rankings for the UK Tech blogs. Amongst the ranks are some of the usual suspects and, just off-the-podium, yours truly coming in at #29 30 this month – up by a smashing 81 places from last month!

Fingers crossed you’ll see That Canadian Girl in the Top 20 next month. πŸ˜‰

Wikio Top 20 UK Tech Blogs

1 =
2 TechDigest =
3 gapingvoid =
4 Coolest Gadgets +1
5 TechCrunch UK -1
6 The Guardian Technology blog =
7 The Red Ferret Journal =
8 xlab =
9 Technology Blog =
10 Speckyboy – WordPress and Design +2
11 jkkmobile =
12 E-consultancy News Blog -2
13 BlogStorm =
14 Dial-a-Phone =
15 Wonderland New
16 hicksdesign +2
17 NevilleHobson -1
18 Gizmodo UK +1
19 confused of calcutta New
20 Simon Willison’s Weblog +1

[Update: Wikio even gives That Canadian Girl a mention in the July top blogs review. What an honour, thank you Wikio!]

4 responses to “Wikio Top 20 UK Tech Blogs

  1. Katherine Hannaford

    Congratulations, Vero! Does this mean I can pop open a bottle of wine to celebrate on your behalf? πŸ˜‰

  2. I am looking so much forward to see you up there =) wonderful

  3. Let’s all crack a bottle of bubbly open, shall we? It’s Canada Day so I’ve got a second excuse to do it today πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for the support, gals!

  4. liz

    Go Vero!!! Well done mate!

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