Like the new look?

Moving from my old unreliable hosting to the rock-solid ServInt VPS hosting we use for pepsmedia clients felt like moving from a studio flat in some dirty backstreet to a Kensington mansion yesterday. So we thought we’d go the whole hog and give the new pad a fresh lick of paint. (For those who don’t remember the old look, I’ve put a screenshot on Flickr for posterity.)

I’m pretty pleased with it, hope you like the new style too!

7 thoughts on “Like the new look?

  1. Vero

    @sizemore: nice as in pretty, or “nice” as in what @audio and the nice police have been going on about? 😉 (being that the root of the word “nice” is “no science”, in other words foolish)

    @kat: Cheers, Andrew created it from scratch over the weekend. It feels even better than a shopping spree.

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