It's the little things that make me happy

The past few weeks have been a bit surreal, with much of my life seemingly happening with the Sky+ fast forward button stuck on 12x speed. Tonight, however, I’m taking a moment to step back and appreciate how many cool little things are happening…

Little Peps grows up

Last week, Pepsmedia became Pepsmedia Ltd. Sure, in practice, it’s just a piece of paper and a few quid less in my pocket, but in my mind, it’s the beginning of great things to come. By no means is everything going to change overnight, but I’ve realised how passionate I am about blogging and about giving a step-up to those around me who would benefit from blogs or social media as a tool to promote whatever their passion is. My dad was a high school teacher, and I suppose this is the teacher in me coming out. I love seeing others succeed, like a proud parent wiping a tear during their daughter’s first school play.

For this reason, I’ve started offering my services more actively as social media consultant. If you or your company need to find your bearings in social media, a week-long crash course or a day spent sprucing up some stunning ideas you’ve had might be the step-up you need.

Hello?? I’m on the phone!!!

I’m always surprised anyone still wants to hear me talk, since they usually can’t shut me up, but last week, it’s with great pride that I accepted a spot as speaker at Future of Mobile, a Carsonified conference, in November. I’ll be there alongside some fantastic speakers and fascinating people so if you work in or are interested in mobile, I hope to see you there.

Gobsmacking stats

Following last month’s letter in the pond going a bit viral and stepping on PR people’s toes with my open letter to public relations agencies amongst other things, my stats have gone through the roof.

That canadian girl stats

A little bird tells me that my Wikio rating isn’t so bad next month either. So whether you’ve just popped your head in for the first time, or have been a long time reader, thank you for being here. 🙂

Guest writing at Enterprise Nation

Nothing excites me like talking about watching budding ideas turn into real life projects, and I shared a few thoughts on working with remote teams on Enterprise Nation, a site filled with valuable resources for those planning their first personal business.

The home office takes shape

A few weekends ago, we attacked a mountain of build-it-yourself shelves and desks from IKEA, making sense of some of the space we have in the house. To complete my newly refreshed office, I bought a fabulous poster from Tim Walker at the Design Museum Shop, which I thought was just gorgeous! The perfect girly touch now that I’ve kicked Andrew out of the room.

Four years of marriage

On July 8th, Andrew and I celebrated 4 years of great times together! I’m blessed to have found such a great life partner, who also makes a great business partner. Every day I think of how lucky I am, and hope we can be as happy as both his parents and mine are after many more years!

What now?

Ok, I’m getting unbearably gushy, so I’ll stop here. But one final thought… As a child, I used to think that if you got too happy on the inside, it was possible to explode. I guess I’ll be finding out soon whether you do blow up from enjoying your life too much over the next few weeks, if things continue at this rate. Even the weather’s been playing along these days, what more could a girl ask for!?

3 thoughts on “It's the little things that make me happy

  1. pa

    FĂ©licitations pour tous les succès ( Andrew going on 5) et les projets ..quels parcours depuis De Lasalle. DĂ©solĂ© de pas recevoir de comments plus. Je n’utilise pas l’ordi tous les jours…mais plutĂ´t la pelle ou le marteau. On fait un open house le 3 pm et je passe chaque jour Ă  travailler Ă  Wendover..C,est un peu fou, mais notre chalet, maison, roulotte et projet de rĂ©no-investissement. Surtout avce les fonds mutuels qui baissent.
    Je me rĂ©pète Ă  chaque jour que je travaille pour moi quand je rĂ©pare la amison…un peut comme avoir sa propre business.
    Ton site est très beau, ça respire la lumière et le calme. Merci pour le commentaire ‘entre prof’ faut aussi Ă©couter les Ă©lèves pour dĂ©couvrir leur besoin.
    Have a good day at the office!

  2. pa

    Ça, c’est la plus grande rĂ©compense d’un parent, de voir ses enfants heureux, bien entourĂ©s et passionnĂ©s par ce qu’il font dans la vie. Bravo VĂ©ro. Nous te souhaitons beaucoup de bonheur et de succès avec Andrew et Pepsmedia aussi.
    Francine XX

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