Meet Jeff the Screaming Monkey

The screaming monkey on

4 responses to “Meet Jeff the Screaming Monkey

  1. Wow, that looks really annoying. I bet it’d be really annoying to work in the office where they had that.

    Oh wait, I do! And it IS really annoying!


  2. Oooh cheeky git, Carl 😛

    I agree, it is annoying, and aside from freaking the content researchers’ out, I don’t think it has much of a purpose. But it certainly made my Thursday afternoon go by that wee bit faster 😉

  3. pa

    Ohhhhh, it sounds pretty much like Andrew when he’s goofing around 😛

  4. pa

    C,est moi qui écoute avec le volume trop haut..??Francine dit : ‘Que çé ça??’ dans le salon.
    Ton humour me rappelle la ‘tite Véroqui aimait les jouets nouveaux…bonne semaine xx

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