My Omni and me

A few weeks ago, Andrew and I wanted to get a couple of beanbags so that we could slouch right in front of the TV to play Lego Indiana Jones (which was a rocking game, btw!). We ended up ordering a couple of pear shaped brown leatherette bean bags.

But by some most bizarre coincidence, two days later, via fellow blogger Tom, Andrew from Sumo Lounge offered to send me a monster-sized Sumo Omni beanbag. It was delivered to the office, leaving most of my work colleagues puzzled when I shoved this big blue bag into the back of my tiny car. (we usually carpool with a friend, but that day, he walked home…)

So this is what it’s like these days in the Pepperrell lounge. A husband, two cats, and a big momma of a mmmm… cozy beanbag.

11 thoughts on “My Omni and me

  1. pa

    super…j’aimerais savoir comment faire ça..timelapse? avec la rénovation avec wendover?. je l’ai regardé 3x..très amusant

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