My Omni and me

A few weeks ago, Andrew and I wanted to get a couple of beanbags so that we could slouch right in front of the TV to play Lego Indiana Jones (which was a rocking game, btw!). We ended up ordering a couple of pear shaped brown leatherette bean bags.

But by some most bizarre coincidence, two days later, via fellow blogger Tom, Andrew from Sumo Lounge offered to send me a monster-sized Sumo Omni beanbag. It was delivered to the office, leaving most of my work colleagues puzzled when I shoved this big blue bag into the back of my tiny car. (we usually carpool with a friend, but that day, he walked home…)

So this is what it’s like these days in the Pepperrell lounge. A husband, two cats, and a big momma of a mmmm… cozy beanbag.

11 responses to “My Omni and me

  1. Nice! This would make excellent footage for a Sumo Lounge ad! 😀

    I must say it looks more like a ginormous pillow than a bean bag though!

  2. Dude,

    LOVE. IT.

    Puts my efforts to shame…

  3. kat

    hahaha that’s great vero! Looks like you’ve all got a new hobby…

  4. I love the part when Andrew puts the beanbag on you and the cat climbs on top. Classic. 😀

  5. @Mel Kirk: You can’t hear me scream in the timelapse but it was a bit squishy under there 😛

  6. pa

    super…j’aimerais savoir comment faire ça..timelapse? avec la rénovation avec wendover?. je l’ai regardé 3x..très amusant

  7. Simon Reynolds

    WANT WANT WANT (bean bag, that is, or the cats)

  8. Julie

    Niiiiiice j’aime le nouveau design! Et le nouveau vidéo 🙂

    Bonne fête bonne fête bonne fête!

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