Doing all the things I want to do

In the past few months, I’ve been blogging less. However, I’ve not been writing less. And I certainly haven’t been thinking less.

I’ve been furiously scribbling at every opportunity I get, with ideas wrestling around my brain at three in the morning like they’re having a round of Rock’em Sock’em keeping me awake. (Or maybe I’m just hearing the cats battling outside the bedroom door)

So what have I been writing about if it’s not been bloggable? Well, it isn’t like the diary I wrote when I was 14, filled with embarrassing teenager stories I wouldn’t want anyone to read. Nothing like that. Pretty much every word is an idea of something I’d like to achieve in the next few years.

My life has changed so unspeakably much since I moved to the UK on that warm December (well, warm to my Canadian then-standards. Like a good Britanicised girl, I’d now say that it’s rather nippy and complain about the chill) where I’d only completed half of my University degree before skipping over to the UK for a bit of culture. (A degree which I proudly went home to complete in the couple of years that followed, I might add, however difficult a long-distance relationship it made for)

Not to sound overly self-promoting – something certainly frowned upon in the country of humour by self-deprecation – but I’m really rather proud of what I’ve managed since then.

Try doing the same. Look back a year, two years, five or ten. Think of what you’ve achieved since then. Hopefully, it’ll give you the perspective to see how much you’ve grown, changed, evolved. And hopefully for the better.

In a few days or weeks, I’ll hopefully post a reasonably thorough list of what I want to succeed at. I’d probably need more than a lifetime to complete everything on it but, having been surrounded by some very inspirational figures recently, I tell myself there’s nothing wrong with aiming high. Not to set myself for failure, but to give me something to strive for and something to get up for in the morning.

It’ll probably bore you to death, but blogging it allows me to put these ideas somewhere public, and give me something to refer to further down the line when I wonder if I’ve ticked any of them off the list.

What goals would you set yourself as things you’d like to achieve? Not lame new years eve resolutions you drop by mid-January, but real stuff you want to kick ass at or tell your grandchildren about one day.

5 thoughts on “Doing all the things I want to do

  1. pa

    Allo…Je peut facilement comprendre tes ‘mise à jour’..Bravo, tu m’épates avec ta tenacité et ton esprit en ébullition. Je dois faire comme toi aussi, et regarder plus aujourd’hui et demain. Avec Yves, j’ai fait un mur de pierre brique, c,est très beau, mais nous, on voit les défauts. Ce qui compte c,est apprendre et agir..
    Tu a de beaux projets et un bon Andrew.. Félicitations!
    N.B.J’ai donné le iMac gris à un jeune ‘geek’ qui veut faire une banque de musique et photos pour un club de musique. Adieu le mac (personne ne voulait l,acheter)
    Tournons la page!

  2. Julia

    What I haven’t achieved is so much more impressive than what I have achieved. Top of list: I haven’t blogged enough to let people know what a completely brilliant website I have, scaldingly well designed…Upside, that means I haven’t got fat on the chocolate some crazy canadian girl told me I could award myself if I did…I might save my chocolate stash for gorging on for comfort when you publish what your goals are…

  3. Melinda

    I think the one main thing I want to achieve at the moment is finishing my degree. I’ve been at it for a while now and moving to London during it hasn’t exactly helped, but I do want to finish it. Besides that though? Finding a job I’m passionate about 😀

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