Twestival: Charity, Water and Music

Tonight, in over 170 cities across the world, people are getting together for an evening of fun and to raise money for charity:water. After a first successful event in London back in September 2008, brave organiser and fellow Canadian gal Amanda Rose decided to take on the world. Rather than a single event in a single city, over 170 Twestivals have cropped up in cities worldwide, from Vienna to Sydney and Doha to Rio de Janeiro, like mushrooms after the rain!

twestival-logoBut who are all these volunteer organisers and attendees?! They’re all active Twitter users.

We’re talking about hundreds of self-organised volunteers who found a venue, sourced musicians, announced and promoted the event. Having organised the first SocialMediaCamp London, with a second one in the works, I’m amazed at the communal effort put towards this event which is expected to raise over $1 million USD for charity:water.

One of the aspects I love most is the contributions from artists; Over 160 tracks donated by artists have been uploaded to for people to download under a ‘pay what you want’ scheme reminiscent of Radiohead’s In Rainbows album.

British singer-songwriter Imogen Heap (who I could listen to for days on end!) chose to donate an unfinished song, “The Song That Never Was”, for artists to remix and edit in their own way. It’s taking Creative Commons to a new level, and I simply can’t wait to see what creative minds make of it.

Once considered to be a bizarre service used only by geeks, Twitter is now not only a mainstream tool, but it’s a communication tool that is underpinning powerful social events. Might it be worth considering signing up for it now?

3 thoughts on “Twestival: Charity, Water and Music

  1. pa

    Allo….j’ai regardé l’interview d’Amanda sur CBC..elle est très dévouée à la cause de l’eau potable pour les régions en besoin. Elle n’a malheureusement pas expliquer comment faire des dons..à moins que tout ce passe sur twitter, donc faut être membre… Je n’ai pas besoin de twitter pour mes visites à l’internet. Je souhaite beaucoup de succès aux groupes semblables qui encourage le partage de l’abondance pour aider Charity:Water

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