Cute Red Ford Ka 07 Needs a New Home

My little red Ford Ka

Yep, you read right. I’m selling my gorgeous little red Ford Ka.

Wondering why? I’m just upgrading to something slightly bigger (a 5-door Fiesta) and rather than part-exchange it, I want to first try to find a new home for it. It’s still in absolutely pristine condition inside and out as I’ve taken great care of it so here’s the spec:

  • Ford Ka 1.3 Petrol, Zetec Climate model (with all the extras!)
  • April 07 registration so it’s not even 2 years old yet
  • 14,200 miles on the clock (driven by me, so it’s always been gently driven)
  • Bright Colorado red paint, unblemished paintwork – professionally detailed
  • Air conditioning
  • Heated front windscreen (brilliant when it’s frosty in the morning)
  • Electric windows
  • CD Player
  • Alloy wheels
  • Roof spoiler
  • over 1 year to go before it’s due its first MOT

As it’s under 2 years old, it still has over a year’s manufacturer warranty, which means that in the unlikely event of a crash, the exits can be located here, here and here any problems, they will be fixed for free by any Ford dealer.

It’s such a cheap car to insure, and it’s been absolutely faultless so I have no doubt it’ll be a great car for whoever buys it. Now, what you wanted to know… How much? Well, looking at the other Ka’s advertised, this one is better spec and newer than pretty much any on sale. However, I won’t price it any higher than the others, so I’m looking for £4990 for it.

I’m based near Cambridge so I hope to find a buyer who’s able to come pick it up from mine. Ideally, I’d be looking to hand it over at the end of March, since that’s when my Fiesta should arrive, but we can work something out if you need it sooner.

Drop me a line on or give me a call on 07875 540 945 if you’re interested.

5 thoughts on “Cute Red Ford Ka 07 Needs a New Home

  1. pa

    Belle pub. Je l’achètrais si j’en avais besoin. Tu as fais une belle photo aussi. Est-ce que c’est comme en Ontario avec le Safety check pour transférer les plaques?
    Je vois aussi le nouveau MacPro. Ça va te donner le goût de changer ton Macbook, Il est plus cher que les PC semblables, mais Léopard semble génial. Je serais ‘addicter’ si j’en avais un.
    Bonne semaine.

  2. Ford Ka Parts

    A great little car for running around town. It is ideal as a first car for those shorter journeys. It sounds girly but its one of those cars that just has to have its own pet name!

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