Five Years of Blogging: Celebrating with some giveaways

In April, That Canadian Girl celebrated 5 years of bloggy goodness and, yet again, I nearly missed its birthday. Oops!

In reality I’ve been blogging for nearly 10 years – a friend kindly hosted my first diary-style site back in 1999 or 2000. The Wayback Machine can see a site on from 2002, which is when the previous iteration of this blog was born.

This makes me feel really old. In Internet terms, that’s an eternity. I mean… ten years ago, Geocities was still popular, Google was moving into its first office, the Melissa worm was working its magic on mail servers across the world, and everyone was still starry-eyed about the Information Superhighway.

Oooff… sorry about that flashback, it was like being the old drunk guy from the Fast Show for a minute.

As my memory is absolutely hopeless, I usually consider my blog’s current archive – which goes back to April 2004 – to be the beginning of Time As We Know It.

Now for the giveaways: To celebrate this milestone birthday, I’m giving away goodies to my readership which match the topics I’ve written about over the years; geeky, funky, practical, food-related and artsy goodies.

To take part, all you need to do is leave a comment and tell me which ones interest you: On Sunday, 10th May, Jack & Rose will pick out winners for each of the prizes!


A ticket to FUEL conference FOWA Tour, an excellent Carsonified event about online marketing and social media, held in London on June 23rd. Ryan kindly offered me a ticket for one of my readers, so entrepreneurs, marketers, this one is for you.

Anyone can win this ticket, as long as you’re able to make your way to London for the event.

[Update: As there have been some changes to the Carsonified calendar and FUEL has been cancelled, you will win a ticket to the FOWA Tour in a city of your choice: Cambridge, Leeds, Bristol or Edinburgh.]


I love unusual art and beautifully decorate home offices. Stuart from Spin Collective is giving away three sets (up to a value of £30 each) of the superb wall stickers. They’re jaw-droppingly cool and I’m having to resist very hard the urge to keep them all for myself!

Spin Collective will ship anywhere, so everyone is welcome to take part. If you win, you’ll get to choose from the website and they’ll be shipped to you directly.


To satisfy the productivity nerd in me, I had to include a tool I’ve been using for a couple of years that changed the way I use my phone. James from SpinVox is giving away two SpinVox voicemail-to-text accounts.

SV is available in the UK, US, Canada, France, Germany & Spain, so if you live in any of those countries and uhh have a mobile phone, go for it!


I’m a total foodie, so I thought it was only fair to include something food-related to the list. Of course, I’m not going to ship you a bowl of my awesome homemade chilli as it’d get messy and Royal Mail would give me funny looks (…yet again)

Niall Harbison from Look & Taste (previously, and yes he’s the guy who braved Dragons’ Den) is offering a few things:

First, if you’re an iPhone user, there are 10 licenses for Twecipe (£2.39) and another 10 for Look & Taste’s own video recipes app.

Secondly, Niall has agreed to create a pro video of a recipe of my readers’ choosing. Want to immortalise your nan’s best pudding or that wild recipe you made up the other day? You’ll get a mention, and Niall will let his viewers know where the recipe comes from.

The apps are (obviously) for iPhone & iPod Touch owners, and the recipe video is open to everyone.


I love beautiful things, making cards & handmade gifts. I’m pretty much rubbish at it and my projects look like something out of a preschool classroom, but I still love it. have offered a £35 voucher for a Blurb book, so it’s a chance to create your own full-colour, beautifully professional-looking bound book. Whether it’s to remember your kids’ summer holiday or a special event, it’ll be unique!

Blurb ships to lots of countries, have a look at the list if in doubt. Promise you’ll show me your finished product 🙂

So what are you waiting for? All these awesome goodies are just one comment away!

27 thoughts on “Five Years of Blogging: Celebrating with some giveaways

  1. William

    Congrats on the anniversary and I’d like to say again how awesome smclondon was.

    I’d love the funky stickers as I’m leaving “home” and going off to university in October and they’d be the perfect thing for my dull beige student acommodation 🙂

    Twecipe would be awesome as I love to cook (particularly unhealthy stuff)

    Blurb would be great as I love projects and designing a book would be awesome (I would probably design it and then give it as a gift)

  2. Neil Crosby

    I never could resist a good giveaway, and this certainly hits the sweet spot for me. I’d love to get my hands on one of the funky wall sticker sets – my office room at home is looking a bit bare at the moment (but for Eddie the plush Facehugger and Cybie the lifesize Cyberman cut-out). Some art for the walls would really help to bring it to life.

    Congratulations on sticking with the one domain for so many years. I only wish I could do the same!

  3. Adam Reynolds

    Immortalising one of my recipes would be very cool, just got no idea which one

    Happy Blogday btw 🙂

  4. pa

    Bravo.. du Canada. Je ne pensais jamais que le Mac SE de Raymond aurait marqué ton parcours aussi profondément. Même avant le Mac, il y avait le Commodore 64 avec des jeux comme Moonpatrol ou Bolderdash. Ouch. Happy cyberday??

  5. Rob Jones


    Scarily I remember Geocities and life back then when Mosaic was still considered a half decent Browser! Wow we’re come a long way since then… Streaming video, flash is ubiquitous, VoIP, IM etc…

    Anyway congrats on getting this far with your blog – that’s a fantastic achievement! I’ll have to celebrate my own blogging birthday when I reach the same milestone (not for a while yet though!)

  6. Jo

    Happy 5th Anniversary, love the theme of your giveaway, they relect the blog so well. Hope you have another fab 5 years!!!
    Like the stickers on Spin Collective and the Blurb book sounds cool too!

  7. Maria

    Happy blogbirth anniversary!!!

    I would love to go to fuel but I won’t be able to attend, so I thought that the stickers would look pretty awesome in my new undecorated home office.

    Thanks for sharing!!!

  8. Melinda

    Congrats on the 5 years of blogging!

    I love the wall stickers; I’ve been trying to find a way to liven up the walls of my new apartment and those stickers look like the perfect solution.

  9. Angela

    Hello! Congrats on five years!
    Your posts are always interesting to read, and keep me coming back and reading!

    I think the blurb certificate would be amazing!


  10. Celia

    I like food and cats…so um you decide and I think I should win something cos I make the best whisked sponge in the world and I have an awesome butt too ;-P

  11. Simon

    Congratulations on 5 years of blogging, Vero!

    The Melissa worm takes me back. Remember Blaster? “LOVE YOU SAN”. Heh.

    I’d love the Blurb certificate. Would be a great present for the girlfriend, who is trying to get into children’s book illustration and writing.

  12. Eric Cheung

    Happy Birthday Vero….. Blog 😀 Wow 5 years, what a time.
    A voucher would be amazing 🙂 and yes I promise you to show you the finished work 😛

  13. Dan Donald

    5 years – that’s like 25 cat years or something. Well done for that.Have some high quality jam to celebrate 😉

    I’d like to through my comment towards the blurb book if you’d be so kind.

    Geocities, eh….remember AngelFire too? They were the days…sign…Now we actually have to make sites look good. At least MySpace is taking up the slack…


  14. Terence Eden

    Ooooh! Freebies!

    I take it you’re not giving away the kittens?

    In which case, those funky wall stickers look ace! I shall draw some ASCII mice to attract the cats’ attention


    I remember writing some awful stuff for the release of The Phantom Menace. The Way Back Machine has all the damning evidence…

    *sigh* Optimised for IE4? You have far to go, young padwan…

  15. J

    Happy 5th Birthday!

    I honestly can’t remember when I started coming here, but I’m glad I did because you write some good stuff, cook up some good lookin’ food (which probably tastes awesome too), and you bottle your own liqueurs, among so many other things!

    Now, what would I like for your 5th Birthday?! That’s not right, is it? We should be getting your presents! But, seeing as you have offered…

    …I have pointy-up, big, funky hair and it would look all the more funky next to a wall of funky stickers from Spin Collective, don’t ya think?

    Fingers crossed!


  16. James Whatley

    Congratulation on reaching your 5th birthday for TCG Vero! 🙂
    Not sure if I’m allowed to take part (being a gifter of giveaways) but, if I am, I’d love the chance to win either the Blurb voucher or the Spin Collective wall stickers please!
    The former to feed my creative output and maybe put a book together of my favourite blog posts and the latter for my new office (when I move house).

    Prize winning aside, well done for getting this far and here’s to five more years.
    Keep up the good work lass.


  17. Vero

    Thanks everyone for taking part!!

    The competition is now closed – I’ll post the winners in a couple of days to let you all know what you’ve scored!

    Thank you also for all the good wishes, I hope you stick around for another 5 years – we’ll probably have flying cars and jet packs by then… Right??

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