Spring brings change to Pepsmedia.com

With many years of moonlighting and now nearly a year under my belt working full time for Pepsmedia, we felt lately that it was time to refresh our site to reflect the shift in what we’ve been doing for our clients.

The new Pepsmedia siteMuch of my time this year has been focused on strategic planning for blog & social media campaigns, in-house coaching and brand monitoring, interspersed with some gorgeous blog and website designs. So far, it’s been both the most enjoyable and the most challenging experience I’ve ever faced.

Many people ask me whether I regret choosing this economic climate to jump into self-employment, and I always answer that I don’t have an ounce of regret. Sure, I’ve had a few sleepless nights and my squeezy stressball is due for some therapy, but it’s been worth it every step of the way.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with great clients to date, and every new meeting excites me because it keeps getting better. Great projects, great experiences and best of all, I didn’t have to eat beans on toast for too long. (Phew, I hate beans on toast…)

So over the past few weeks, we spent some time brewing a new design for pepsmedia.com and finally launched it this week. Let me know what you think of it!

4 thoughts on “Spring brings change to Pepsmedia.com

  1. Jo Anslow

    I didn’t see the old site, so I can’t comment on a comparison, but I really like your new site.
    As a proud non-geek, I still found the site welcoming and friendly. The navigation is easy – I didn’t spend ages looking for the links I wanted. And the images give the site a contemporary, slightly funky feel which I imagine is what you were trying to achieve.

    There are a couple of tiny niggles (feel free to ignore me though – I’m not exactly your target market…).

    The use of the word “at” before your phone numbers sits a little strangely with me – I think it’s technically correct, but just feels weird.

    I expected the “get in touch with us” link on the front page to take me to your Contact page, not generate an e-mail. Not sure if that would be true of your clients though.

    Regardless, I think it’s a great site which looks very professional and should serve Pepsmedia well.

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