Tech in the Park: Making Clever Use of Teens' Love of Music

Recently, I’ve taken a particular interest in technology in public places, probably due to spending too much time pondering my surroundings while waiting for the train. This latest example, discovered thanks to Michael Dales, is close to home just North of Cambridge. It’s so simple and it’s bound to make a lot of young people happy this summer.

Bluetooth speakers for your phone

Wondering what this is? It’s a rather clever contraption, apparently installed by Monster Play, a Hertfordshire-based company.

Built into the rain/sun shelter that sits on the edge of a new local skate park, this unit allows you to broadcast music to a small speaker from your phone, mp3 player, laptop, etc via Bluetooth. After 7 minutes, you get booted off, leaving the airwaves free for the next music lover. Alternatively, you can listen to the local radio.

Michael reports that the sound may disappoint audiophiles but seeing as teens will listen to music on their tin-can speakers mobile phone, this is probably a better alternative.

Teens have been demonised as truants and troublemakers, some people going as far as setting up Mosquito alarms as deterrent from loitering near their homes and shops. (Don’t get me started on those, I may not be under 25 but I can hear them cringingly well!)

This is as close as we can get to celebrating their love of music. They may be listening to Pixie Lott and Miley Cyrus, and us Jack Johnson-listening oldies may have lost hope in their judgement of what “good” music is, but in perspective, this gadget gives them a sense of belonging and something to do on those sunny summer afternoons.

With the gorgeous weather we’ve got this week, wouldn’t you want to be outside hanging out with friends listening to good music?

[Image credit: Michael Dales]

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