Get a free advice session on marketing & promoting your business

Christmas goodiesIn the spirit of Christmas generosity, I’m giving away a half-day of consultancy to a local startup or entrepreneur who needs help marketing and promoting themselves.

Cambridge and East Anglia are full of clever people doing amazing things, with many solo flyers or startups creating great products. In some cases, you might just need a little boost to get the word out about your product. For others, it’s such early days that you haven’t thought much about marketing yet – you just know your idea kicks ass.

With years of experience in marketing and working with Pepsmedia, nothing excites me more than a promising new business idea, so let’s hear what you’re working on.

Participating couldn’t be easier, here’s what you need to do:

  • You need to be a startup or entrepreneur in the region with a business, project or idea and would like some marketing and promotion coaching (Note: You can be based anywhere but we may run the session online if you’re too far away!)
  • Leave a comment below (or email with your idea, and what your marketing/promotion challenges are or will be in 2011
  • Do this by end of day on December 23rd

I’ll announce the winner around Christmas day (Internet access and family commitments permitting!), who will then be able to redeem their consultancy session in January. The session will either be held at the Pepsmedia office, somewhere local and convenient for everyone involved or, if need be, as an online session.

How will I pick a winner? I’ll choose the startup or individual who I think would benefit the most from this session. If there are more than one great contender, I’ll pick a name out of a hat. You don’t need to be a technology startup to participate; Whatever your market, leave a comment now for your chance to win a free advice session.

2 thoughts on “Get a free advice session on marketing & promoting your business

  1. Adam Hobden

    Hi Vero,

    Im trying to get my Wedding and Portrait photography off the ground and think that I could really benifit from a session with yourselves.

    Basically I’m confident in my ability as a photographer and my clients have all been very pleased with the work that I have produced for them. My website is up and running along with my facebook page and my twitter account AdamHPhotos.

    I have a relativily low amount of traffic to all my sites, despite regularly tweeting and befreinding a fair number of people. My website generally sees around 10 hits per day.

    What Im lacking is getting the right people, i.e. prospective customers to see my site / facebook page etc rather than other photographers. Im sure that if I could engage potential customers face to face or even over the phone initially, I could boost my sales considerably. I’m really stuck for a next move.

    Thanks for your consideration and hopefully I’ll hear from you over the Christmas period.


    Adam Hobden

  2. Atull Gupta

    Hi Vero,

    I am the owner of a new long-range night-bus service that runs from Piccadilly Circus to Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire (Stanmore, Watford, St Albans, Hemel Hempstead, Luton, Dunstable and Milton Keynes) on weekends – and we launch our service on Friday 10th December. We have a number of USPs, we provide a safe form of travel home at undesirable hours, and we are convenient to reach and we can get people straight to their door with our service.

    However, the marketing of the service has proven to be extremely difficult as I have only given myself 2 weeks to start the marketing, plus none of it has generated any bookings on my site.

    So I know I’m doing various things wrong and that people are not buying. Therefore I am suspending the service after running 1-2 weeks to stop losing money running empty and try to get my marketing strategy and messages corrected.

    For this reason I hope to be able to have a session with yourself to address my marketing issues and identify a way to gain more customers to the point I can resume my service in the future.

    My website address is and my facebook page is if you would like to take a look.

    Many thanks for reading, and I hope to hear from you soon.

    Kind Regards
    Atull Gupta

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