Garlic & tomato squid with spinach & broad beans

Recently, I ordered some squid from Ocado to make this Jamie Oliver recipe – Chargrilled squid with rustic guacamole. Squid is always surprisingly cheap and is very tasty when cooked right, so I recommend this recipe. As I’d bought more than necessary, I put the leftover squid in the freezer in small bundles of 2-4 cleaned squid tubes.

Tonight, getting home, I was convinced we didn’t have anything in the fridge for dinner and started scavenging around. Within minutes, I had what was needed to make garlic & tomato squid rings with spinach and broad beans. The lot was served with toasted tiger bread.


  • Garlic cloves, crushed and chopped
  • Half a big jar of tomato passata
  • Broad beans (frozen)
  • Spinach leaves (mine were frozen)
  • Olives, chopped up
  • Squid tubes, chopped into rings
  • Olive oil
  • Tiger bread to toast
  • Butter

I got the first pan very hot with a dribble of olive oil, threw the garlic in for a minute and then poured the passata, popped in the broad beans, spinach and olives. Let that cook down for a few minutes until it thickens nicely. I added a bit of hot smoked paprika, cayenne and ground coriander for flavour.

Once it’s looking good, get the tiger bread toasted under the grill. Get your second pan searing hot with a bit of oil and throw the squid rings in for a very short time. Add salt and pepper and chargrill until nearly ready.

At the last minute, chuck the squid into the sauce. Get your toast out from under the grill and butter ’em up. Serve the squid in its sauce in a big bowl and use the toasted bread to mop up the lovely sauce.

Yummy, simple, quicker than a Jamie Oliver 30 minutes meal and super cheap to make!

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