Easy handmade gift: Baby bibs

Chickpea bibs

Earlier this year, my new little nice Florence was born. Now, I don’t know an awful lot about babies, but I do know that when they’re little, they drool and dribble all over the place. With that knowledge in hand, these adorable bibs seemed to be the perfect gift.

The pattern is from Chickpea Studio who generously shares patterns for free. The focus fabric was bought a long time ago, and thick jersey is used for the backing, so that it can absorb food and drool quite happily!

Making these three bibs only took a couple of hours and was a fun and straightforward project. If you’ve got a baby in the family, or even a messy toddler, a few of these rolled up and tied with a ribbon makes a lovely handmade gift.

One thought on “Easy handmade gift: Baby bibs

  1. Rob O'Neill

    That is great! The baby bibs are so cute. Probably, it is the most nicest gift that you can give to your baby or to your niece and nephew. Toddlers are really messy, especially when they are eating. They love roaming around and play. I want to have that kind of handmade baby bibs for my toddler, too because if you were the one who made your presence it is something special.

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