Gingerbread house competition vote

Today, we did a gingerbread house competition. In teams, we had to create the most traditional or wildest gingerbread houses.

The only rule was that the gingerbread had to remain edible. Everything else was down to each team’s creativity, and we had since last week to think about the theme. Have a look at the houses below then vote for your favourite to help us pick a winner! (votes closed – find out the winners at the bottom!)

Scrooge Home Makeover


The Candy Farm (with working train)

Dawn of the Gingerdead

Beware of the Dog

Competition results

We’ve counted your votes and… we have a tie!

  • Dawn of the Gingerdead and The Candy Farm: tied with 22 each
  • Scrooge Home Makeover: 13
  • Beware of the Dog: 8