November Store Cupboard Challenge: Lentil Door Stops

I was inspired by The Yarn Yard’s post yesterday, where Natalie mentioned the Store Cupboard Challenge. You know how you open the cupboard at 6:30pm, look into it. It’s reasonably full, yet “there’s nothing to eat”?

The challenge is to focus on using up what’s in the cupboard over November. Sure, throw out (or use up, see below) things that are truly out of date, donate tins and cans to charitable Christmas food banks if they’re still well within date, or use them and make something a bit more creative than usual.

Over November, I’ll try to document a few times what I end up making out of the stuff that’s in the cupboard that is still edible. But for today, I’ll start with a crafty tip for those dry lentils, chickpeas and pulses that you bought during your last health kick and are now out of date. And no, I won’t make you eat them. We’ll make them into a door stop!

It’s so nice to open the windows and let fresh air in, but it can cause bedroom doors to slam shut in the breeze! We also have cheeky cats who’ve been known for locking themselves in the bedroom, so we tend to put doorstops in every room. Yet, the rubbery wedges are horrible and don’t slide easily on the carpet.

These weighted door stops are easy to pick up or move with your foot, and can look quite funky! They’re also super-quick to make. I used the tutorial on the Bake & Sew site to guide me, but did wing it quite a bit! It’s great for using scraps; the brown pyramid was made with a shirt I didn’t wear anymore, and the bottom was made of old jeans for both.

These are both filled with red lentils, but use whatever you have at hand, so long as it’s dry and doesn’t spoil!

Later this week, I’ll tackle the cupboard and work out some tasty recipes out of what’s in there.

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