The Jade Sweater: An Adventure in Spinning and Knitting My First Top

As they say. when it rains, it pours! No blog posts in 9 months, and now two in one day? The woman’s gone mad!

On Monday, my new spinning wheel arrived; an Ashford Joy 2. It’s a dinky little thing, intended to be very portable. It even comes with its own backpack to be carried around.


She joins her sister, Maya, an Ashford Traveller into my very small herd of spinning wheels.

I’ve already spun a lovely braid of Texel wool from Hilltop Cloud, from this…


into this lovely woolen-spun two-ply yarn.


I bought my spinning wheel from Wingham Wool Work in South Yorkshire (same as my previous wheel) and the kind folks there include either a voucher for £15 of free fibre, or credit you £15 on any fibre you purchase with the wheel. I decided I’d take on the ultimate spinner challenge: Spinning a whole sweater worth of yarn, then knitting my own sweater.

Now, before I show you the amazing fibre I picked, I’ll just clarify the term “sweater”. It’s an all-encompassing term knitters seem to have agreed on to represent all pullovers, cardigans, jumpers and other usually long-sleeved tops you wear to keep warm. I don’t yet know whether I’ll make a pullover or a cardigan that opens at the front, but either way I need to spin roughly the same quantity.

The fibre I picked is a lovely blend of 70% merino and 30% silk in teal blue, with a bit of darker blue and white silk. It’s a gorgeously soft blend and I’ve got 500g of it to play with! And yes, the fibre matches the cushion… 😛


And so begins the Jade Sweater Adventure.

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