Being Creative is Exhausting!

Lately, I’ve been feeling like my brain might explode. We’ve been fairly busy with work, but it’s all been good, manageable work towards our next product. Yet, as soon as I have time to spare, my head goes back to crafts and a squizzillion ideas fight their way around my brain like desperate parents battling their way into Wal-Mart to buy the last Furby for Christmas.

This September, I’ve been knitting for four years, and yarn dyeing, spinning and crocheting for two. In between, I’ve been sidetracked by various types of jewellery making, weaving, papercrafts and lately, I’ve fallen madly in love with resin jewellery. (Can’t wait to share a few photos of the gorgeous pieces I’m making!) Oh and I’ve always done bits of sewing whenever the fancy takes me.

And that’s just the crafts I can think of while looking at what’s in plain sight in my craft room; Forget the bags of alpaca and sheep fleece in the garage or the paintbrushes in the cupboard. You get the idea…

I remember when I started getting into drinking better coffee, a friend said to me:

“Beware, it’s a very deep rabbit hole once you start considering grinding your own coffee beans, and then possibly roasting them yourselves!”

Admittedly, it’s Andrew who fell down that particular rabbit hole of making the Perfect Coffee (an endeavour from which I reap the benefits every morning), but in reality, every craft, book and TV show should come with that warning as far as I’m concerned.

Knitting led to buying yarn hand-dyed by others, then dyeing my own, then spinning fibre blended by others, then blending hand-dyed fibre on my drum carder. And now I’m considering getting my own alpacas (one day!)

The pattern seems to be repeating itself with jewellery, as I’ve started making my own mixed media paper bases and I’m about to enrol into a silversmithing course at a local college. I can’t keep anything simple, can I?!

I’ve managed to carve a day a week, greedily reserved for making lovely handcrafted things and swanning around my craft room, and I spend the rest of the week longing for that special time. The only difficulty is choosing what to do on the day!

One thought on “Being Creative is Exhausting!

  1. Suzy Cacic

    Hi Vero!

    It’s Suzy from ! I just wanted to drop by and say I really enjoy reading your journey! I’m also from Canada and it’s nice to see that there are still lots of Canadian bloggers on the net. I also know how to knit but crocheting is a little tough for me! You need a lot of time and patience!

    I hope you take the time to drop by at my blog. Thanks!


    Suzy Q

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