Episode 3: So much colour!

Episode 3 of Along The Lanes, my knitting podcast about knitting, crafts and fluffy things, is now up on YouTube.

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 18.24.47

In this episode, I show off rainbow noodle yarn, start flirting with a few future projects, and I can’t make up my mind! Head over and vote on your favourite combo on the Exploration Station colour scheme to help me out 😀

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Don’t forget to subscribe, and say hi on Twitter (@vero) and Ravelry (thatcanadiangirl). And THANK YOU for watching! 😀

Peace, love and no dropped stitches,

Show notes:

Simple Ziggurat by Åsa Tricosa
Exploration Station by Stephen West
Driven by Veera Välimäki
Coronis by Emily Ringelman
Music is “Tiny Tempo” by Safakash

One thought on “Episode 3: So much colour!

  1. jem arrowsmith

    The Exploration Station shawl is gorgeous, colour combo 1 gets my vote!

    I would say I was a process knitter as I love learning new techniques, but also a dreamer. I can spend hours trawling through Ravelry looking at pretty patterns and then when I choose one I have to find the perfect yarn and colour so it can take a while before I even cast on! I wish I had more ‘product knitter’ about me, things would get done so much quicker!!

    I’ll be interested to see what you make with the sushi roll, I have never worked with one of those but I would probably think about making a large shawl or stole – something quite simple to show off those vibrant colours!

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