Reboot: Writing to my Future Self

For the past decade or so, I’ve been posting most of my thoughts, photos and ideas to platforms controlled by mega corporations like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (also Facebook-owned). Over the years, the Almighty Algorithms mean that content is squeezed, transformed, monetised and only presented to whoever the Megacorps choose.

While posting here is like standing in a forest and shouting my blog posts at the birds, at least, the content’s mine to do with as I wish.

So I’m back to writing on my own blog. Maybe. Hopefully. It feels like when I re-discovered writing on paper a few years ago; An oddly cathartic, familiar-yet-alien feeling I haven’t had in years. 😀 (And yes, I’m still going to slather my posts in smileys, I’m a child of IRC.)

I have so much to document, but I’ll start with my little Pantone project.

Using cards from a Pantone pack of 100 postcards, I’m hoping to make a small piece of art as frequently as I can. I’m not setting deadlines, not planning 100 days in a row or any other stressful setting-myself-up-for-failure arrangement. Just a bundle of 100 cards to use as a small canvas when I feel like it.

These are the first two:

For the first, I used cut-up packaging paper I’d marbled a few months ago and, for the second, slightly over-enthusiastically applied alcohol inks on a pale lavender background.

I’ll post them to Instagram as they happen, and hopefully pop them here every so often, or when I want to document how I did particular ones.

That’s 2 done, 98 to go! 😉

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