Jack and Rose: The kittens are home safe and sound

I promised everyone photos as soon as the kittens get home. I expected to have to stick the camera in the cat box, where they’d be hiding all nervous about their new home.

Rubbish! They were chilled during the whole journey home, after about 5 minutes of meowing, then once home, they explored the entire house within a few seconds. They ate, had a wee and promptly fell asleep on their little activity centre. Now they’re pouncing up and down the stairs, playing together, taking the occasional break to purr against my leg like a little engine – so it’s time to share a few of the photos we’ve taken so far.

Couldn’t ask for sweeter kittens, they’re absolutely adorable. I’m sure I’ll find time to upload a video tomorrow, but for now, time to play!

Jack and Rose sleeping in their activity centre on the first night
Jack and Vero bonding on the first night