Summer love: Jack & Rose in the garden

If you’ve come here tonight looking for brilliant marketing insight or the usual stuff, you may be disappointed. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for fluffy-tailed kitty cats frolicking in the garden, then you’ve come to the right place!

This is what summer should be like 🙂

If you’ve not yet met Jack and Rose, here’s what they were like at the age of nine weeks old.

2 thoughts on “Summer love: Jack & Rose in the garden

  1. pa

    AH…. La vie de chat.. Ils sont superbes. Mais je pense qu’après une semaine en ‘chat’, on aurait hâte de revenir à l’homo sapiens. C’est une cure anti-stress de les regarder, avec le silence du video. Sweet theraputic silence for cat lovers and (youtube addicts).

    Have a nice week! And Canada Day. One firecracker on the 1st of July? Ok?
    Our 110 years old Rockland Fanfare will play 60 min concert outside from 12h to 1.
    Fortunately the average age of the members is about 60.
    Remember, Vero conducted the Band playing a March in her youth. 1 2 1 2 .. right on the beat!

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