So… having an unproductive evening anyways, I decided to have a look at, a 3d chat environment. It reminded me strangely of The Palace, which I used in 1993 or so… but even lamer… It even beat the Sims Online as far as lameness goes.

Sociologists would have a ball analysing that environment and the interactions… I “bought” a shirt and pants using Theredollars or whatever they call their money, and walked around a bit. I asked a few ppl how you could get money, either by winning it or working for it or something. Turns out they had all put *real* money into it to “start themselves up” and “get a look going”… Why oh WHY???

Everyone looks great, I had perfect hair and a perfectly slim bootay in the game, and so did everyone else… But I was thinking what a waste of time and money that was… Girls are in perma-flirty position and boys have perfect white smiles, no wonder some ppl with less than perfect real lives enjoy living in that world!

Granted it’s an interesting experiment, I don’t think I’ll go back in there. It’s just too odd for my liking… I much prefer talking to people in real life… or at least talking to people I know!

… I did have nice abs in there though!

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