The real hardcore geek's programming language: LOLCAT

You know you’re a proper geek when you can write in LOLCODE, the latest and greatest programming language to grace the Interweb. It’s a simple language written for the cats, by the cats.

File open example

    O NOES

What can I say? I has 1337 code. LOL!!1

Spending the week on Cloud Nine

When I was a kid, I used to get this feeling all the time. This floating feeling that life’s great, like you could explode if it gets any better. As grownups, we’re busy, stressed, worried over all sorts of trivial and not-so-trivial stuff, and we rarely, if ever, get that floaty feeling anymore.

However, in the past week or two, a number of positive things have happened, big and small, which have just kept me in that great mood. Some are as simple as losing a couple of pounds after feeling really bloated for ages, having something surprisingly tasty for lunch and the weather being as lovely as it was on Monday and Tuesday (even though it’s now rubbish).

On Tuesday, an article I wrote on the Seven Deadly Sins of Email Marketing Management was published on Digital Web. Then yesterday, like the cherry on the sundae, it featured on the Campaign Monitor blog. (Cheers for the mention, Dave!)

There have been a few other fortuitous events, which I’m sure I’ll be able to get into at a later date, but generally, it’s the small things that are keeping me in such a fab mood.

Weird things that have taken my fancy recently

  • Knitting: I don’t know why, I just want to knit something painfully kitsch. I think it’s a mix of watching Ugly Betty, coming across an old blog entry by Katie mentioning crocheting, and just wanting one of those really soft scarves but never finding one I like.
  • Get a Wacom graphics tablet: I’ve had a few short flashbacks to my teenage years when my right wrist was hurting so much I could hardly type. Hasn’t been bad so far, but it does concern me a bit. Plus I wanted to get some basic image editing software for Mac, and it looks like the tablets come with either Photoshop Elements or Corel Essentials (which on their own cost about the same price as the tablet) so … why not?
  • Wanting to write services for the Nabaztag: So she’s officially called Keira (much to Andrew’s great pleasure), but she hasn’t done much so far other than telling me what time it is and doing a bit of tai chi. Longer post on this topic in the next few days.
  • I soooo want these: A shoe rack wheel, the b00tiful iPhone (not bizarre, just droolingly nice!), a little dog like Spudgy and a kitty like this.
  • Gingerbread house: At Christmas, I put together a gingerbread tree, but it was a total cheat and I’d like to do a full house from scratch. It’d be pretty, with lots of jelly tots and candy windows, iced sugar snow and a little house number by the door.

Buggy Saints Row: The Musical

Cabel‘s been playing Saints Row, and has produced what is possibly the most entertaining bug review in history – a Musical review.

For starters, it was literally, down to almost every detail, an exact clone of Grand Theft Auto. (I couldn’t believe Rockstar didn’t K.C. Munchkin all over their faces.)

Saints Row does, to its credit, have better graphics, a pretty good script, an amusing character creator, and better targeting (for better shooting people in the face).

It also has some bugs. The world’s most awesome bugs.”

Or visit for the better quality Quicktime version.

The kids are alright: Round-up of the past few days' surfing

A few links to prove the world’s still going ’round and people are still doing their thang…

  • Need to stock up on plonk for Christmas? Thresher is offering 40% off all wine and champagne from 30th Nov to 10th Dec. Print the voucher and pass it on to your friends! Viral marketing at its simplest.
  • The ban has finally been lifted on the Griffin iTrip and similar short-distance FM transmitters. Common sense prevails!
  • Amy Winehouse is a bit too drunk to sing on the Charlotte Church show. Now, I’m a fan of Amy’s albums, but everything I’ve seen of her live so far makes me quite happy I didn’t bother to go see her live in Cambridge a couple of weeks ago. I think I would’ve fallen out of love, just like I did with LAL last year.
  • I’m getting incredibly antsy, waiting for delivery of my brand new Macbook. It should arrive within the next few days, and hours seem to stretch the closer it gets to delivery date. Unfortunately, it’s not stretching my hours of sleep.
  • Ouch. The Zune gets a poor review from Andy Ihnatko at the Chicago Sun-Times. Anyone bought one? I’m interested in seeing some opposition’s reviews as well.

And I would walk 500 miles…

Nah, actually, I wouldn’t. And neither would they. But they’d walk 96 miles, they would!

Wicken Fen walk“They” are two newly married couples who will be walking 96 miles across the Scottish Highlands in May. The idea sprouted in October, and slowly the sheer grandeur of their Scottish escapade is starting to make itself known.

“Kindly, the boys produced a sort of aerial view of our walk on Google Earth – mmmmm………Is it too late to back out? We are walking very far! Its almost hlafway to Cardiff from Cambridge! Going shopping for new equipment will help ease the stress levels.”

It’s promising to be quite a funny read over the next few months, as Steph shares her socks-maths and Annabel wonders the likelihood of fitting SingStar in her backpack. 🙂

I can’t give much advice on anything fitness-related, but if anyone wants to share camping/trekking tips with them, I’m sure they’ll be welcome!