London Underground

London Underground: The funniest way to bitch about the Underground’s inability to offer decent service that I’ve seen in quite a while.

WARNING: Contains explicit language — just like any journey on the Underground.

“So I’m standing here in the pouring rain… Where the f*ck’s my f*cking train!?”

6 thoughts on “London Underground

  1. Gamera

    Say one question, when I was there I got lucky, I used to take the Central Line in the mornings, just getting squashed, trampled and only asphyxiating on my way to Liverpool Street for 45 minutes from Shite City (err, I mean White City)

    Now last time I was in London things got even worse as the boom forced more people to cram themselves into those underground coffins (I left in 98 went back in 2000 for a contract) how is it now? Any better or any worse?

  2. Vero

    Nah, not getting any better… Granted I only saw London for the first time in early 2002, but it is pretty bad at all times. I’ve managed to avoid rush hour almost every time but coworkers who have no choice travelling at rush hour hate it with a passion. They found this video rather appropriate 😉

    Just imagine trying to shut down large parts of the network to renovate and update the lines — it would cause problems to thousands and thousands of people every day! So they only do the work that *has* to be done for safety reasons.

  3. Henni

    HI you! I’m a girl from Germany and i want to say that I really love London. I visited Lodnon in this May for 5 days and it was amazing. I enjoyed every minute!! espacialli every minuten in the Tube. I think it was very exciting to take the underground! But the songs show the nagtiv things of the tube!

    I love London soooo much!
    Thank you London for this great time!!

  4. delboy22

    well i think we should all praise the way that the london underground delt with the bombings because me being from the uk i think that they did a brilliant job under the stress and the scares of that thursday

    as well as all the emergancy services as well on that horible day in london

    kill the brain washing bastards wh told them into doing that

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