Maths à la Pearl

The Theory of Passing Time by Pearl

“Have you noticed that time on a Saturday, due to the fact that you are suppose to be relaxing with said time, moves at double the speed? Which, when calculated with Pearl-based logic, means that you have been cheated out of half of your alloted time for relaxation.


Anyways, after much useless puttering around the apartment, I finally drag myself down to tiny exercise room in my building.

Contary to the typical speed of time on a Saturday (as stated above), when you are out of shape and on an exercise bike, time goes at 1/4 of the speed. And if said exercise bike’s seat kills your ass, time goes at 1/8 of the speed.”

One response to “Maths à la Pearl

  1. You know, I thought about this some more and if we’re spending 4x – 8x more time while exercising, why aren’t we super fit???

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