There's no place like home

We left Friday night and made it down to Brighton in record time, considering everyone expected the snow to cause traveling to grind to a halt. It was a nice chilled out evening in with Lisa, Stu and the cats… oh and the bottles of wine, boys? 😉

Saturday, we lazed all morning, enjoying Stu’s fantastic (almost) full English breakfast. Later on, with an uncertain sky and the occasional snow flurry that appeared very out of place in the Brighton landscape, we headed into town for some shopping. My attempt at finding a new coat was just as fruitless as Andrew’s attempt to find new shoes, but it was a good afternoon nonetheless.

As the afternoon was coming to an end, the other Andrew (aka Hodgson) joined us for a prospective evening of fun, food and music. We booked a table at Moshi Moshi and headed into town for a few drinks before dinner. Since Hodgson was feeling adventurous, I encouraged him to have the same “Gourmet Selection” of sushi I was having, even though he admitted never trying sushi before. As the pictures in the gallery tell, I thoroughly enjoyed my meal. It was the biggest plate of sushi I’d ever had and must say neither me or Mr. H managed to finish it all up, but it was DELICIOUS! The salmon was sooo fresh!

So once the meal was over, we rolled out of there on our big bellies and Lisa decided to go home. I was a bit bummed she’d miss out on LAL, but turns out, being home in bed might have been the better option. As LAL wasn’t on until past midnight at Enigma, we went for a drink at the most bizarre pub/club I’ve ever seen below the club. The atmosphere wasn’t great for anyone still in the realm of sobriety so we headed upstairs to see the gig I’d been looking forward to for a few months.

When Rose, the singer from LAL, arrived, I went to say hi and let her know the Canadian support was in town. She confessed the tour had been rather tiring and she wasn’t in best singing health, so she wouldn’t be doing many songs. What a shame, but fair enough, I understood how a month-long tour across Canada and Europe could take its toll on her. But even with warning, I was sorely disappointed by the show LAL put on. Moonstarr had set the mood with the crowd and people seemed to be enjoying the tunes, but LAL didn’t manage to keep it going. The small stage-cum-dancing-platform emptied and people just stood around bobbing their heads, unsure of what to do. Rose stayed behind the DJ booth, and the sound was so badly balanced, if I hadn’t paid attention, I wouldn’t have noticed there was anyone singing live in there! To add insult to injury, the DJ, who I assume was Murr, seemed to have difficulties beatmatching, a painful reminder of Ottawa’s amateur open-decks nights.

I can’t lie, the show wasn’t up to scratch. No one in the club last night will have thought “wow, LAL is great, I’m going to buy their album and see them live again!”, and it pains me to say that. I love both albums to death, that hasn’t changed. And I thought Rose was a real sweetheart when we got to chat, but someone has to tell them they owe music lovers a good show, however much effort it takes. She did say that in June, she would be back to London with the full band, rather than only herself and Murr. I can imagine it’ll be a good show, but whether I’ll be willing to make the trip to London and risk being disappointed a second time, that’ll remain to be seen.

Overall, a lovely weekend of food, drinks and friends. Just a shame about the music, really… Now that we’re home, snuggling up on the sofa with a good book sounds like the best way to end the weekend!

4 thoughts on “There's no place like home

  1. Pearl

    Oh Vero, so sorry to hear that! You sounded so disappointed in your email!

    When LAL was in Toronto, she actually had a cold so her voice wasn’t super strong but she did sing a full set (maybe 8 or so songs). The sound system was also crappy so, no, it wasn’t a spectacle show (although it was good vibes from the crowd).

    But I guess I didn’t have as many expectations as you did so I didn’t think much of it. I think that I’ve really come to terms with small, independent bands since I’ve seen so many in Toronto… they don’t always get lots of live performance experience (or legions of personal trainers and choerographers (sp?) like Britney Spears) so I never expect their live shows to “sound” better than their recordings.

    Though the lack of energy would really have killed me.


  2. Vero

    It’s a shame that local artists in Ottawa and Toronto don’t put as much effort as they could, gaining so little interest because of poorly put-together gigs.

    I certainly wasn’t expecting a “big show” from LAL, but seeing how little they seemed to care was the frustrating part.

    Skills and enthusiasm aren’t correlated, someone can not have an ounce of talent yet be charismatic and enthusiastic while on stage. LAL was the opposite; great music, but a poor DJ and a singer who couldn’t care less about being there.

  3. Rose

    Hey! It’s Rose from LAL. Sorry bout the show. I know it was a disapointment! For me too! We were expecting live music venues and it turned out we got stuck in alot of club dj oriented places and the gig in Brighton was rougher then most in regards to sound. Murr actually wasn’t there, it was Moonstarr and TruThoughts representing. He had to leave early to do a play and even if he did plug in a laptop it would have been dismal. I do hope you make it out to the Jazz Cafe show. Our live show is completely different and we’ll be in a space suited for live music. Anyways, thanks for coming out and hope to see you soon.



  4. Rose

    I just read some of the other comments. I’m saddened by the fact that some thought I did not care. I actually do care a lot but there’s nothing you can do when the soundsytem is not on point, other then making sure the next time you have proper sound. As for Toronto and Ottawa indies not putting effort into their shows, I disagree. I do think that toronto aritst do tend to get a bit big headed but that’s really my biggest complaint. To judge whole cities is kind of harsh. We do our best in the situation we are given and that’s all that we can do. I encourage all of you to not be so judgemental and to give us and others another try. But again to hear this kind of critisizm helps when looking at future plans. Thanks for the insight.



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