Spending Christmas with the family

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Reason #3 spending Xmas back at home is worthwhile: Talking Julie into eating an uncooked Pogo (corn dog) covered in Nutella for the measly sum of $12 in small change.

iStockphoto pricing goes up: Getting greedy, are we?

Since I started blogging, iStockphoto has been my source of images to illustrate and accompany blog entries. The images were once cheap enough that a blogger who made no revenue like myself could afford to pepper the occasional post with an image to joosh it up a bit.

Now, however, I think I’m going to have to go a different route since prices are getting jacked up for the second or third year in a row. I know if I were to complain, the answer I get would be filled with words like “artist recognition” and “inflation” but it’s still getting out of my realm of comfort. I’ll be sad to go, especially seeing as it’s run by a bunch of (apparently) lovely Canucks, but it might be time to break up now.

So what are the alternatives? Flickr images which are licensed under Creative Commons, sites like stock.xchng and photos I’ve taken myself. Any other suggestions?

Felix catfood: Which one would you feed your kittens?

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Out of the pack we bought recently, there was one pouch (on the right) which was completely empty (yet sealed), then the middle pouch was completely unbranded, which I find really bloody odd. And finally the left one is the “control”, the normal kitten food pouch.

I’ve written to Purina, and they got back to me, but I’ll be interested in seeing how they justify the unbranded pouches…

Jack & Rose checking out Super Mario Galaxy

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In their professional opinion, the game rates 11 out of 10. With the exception of intro scenes, which could do with some basic anti-aliasing.

Best bit? That little blue hand that moves around the screen, definitely!

Jack and Rose: The kittens are home safe and sound

I promised everyone photos as soon as the kittens get home. I expected to have to stick the camera in the cat box, where they’d be hiding all nervous about their new home.

Rubbish! They were chilled during the whole journey home, after about 5 minutes of meowing, then once home, they explored the entire house within a few seconds. They ate, had a wee and promptly fell asleep on their little activity centre. Now they’re pouncing up and down the stairs, playing together, taking the occasional break to purr against my leg like a little engine – so it’s time to share a few of the photos we’ve taken so far.

Couldn’t ask for sweeter kittens, they’re absolutely adorable. I’m sure I’ll find time to upload a video tomorrow, but for now, time to play!

Jack and Rose sleeping in their activity centre on the first night
Jack and Vero bonding on the first night

FOWA: Some evening fun with Diggnation

After a number of interesting panels in the day, it was time for beers and Diggnation.

Think of being 10 years old and looking up to your biggest, most favourite music star. Now imagine the excitement if you were told you’d get to meet them. That’s how I felt yesterday.

Vero & Alex @ Diggnation live in London

I filmed a good part of the live Diggnation show (which I’ll put online tonight), but then the guys bravely took on the mobs of 16 year olds and joined the Carsonified party at the Excel pub. Once the crowds went home, only a few people were left. But surprise, while Kevin buggered off to the hotel, Alex and the Totally Rad Show guys stayed for some drinks! Having a chat with them, they’re just as lovely as I’d hoped.

If this kind of event and show format is the future of TV, I’m going to feel right at home.

mobileCamp London

I’m spending the weekend in London for mobileCamp, a sort of ad-hoc gathering of people who work with mobile, or just outright love them. I’ve already posted a few pics on Flickr, and will add more throughout the weekend.

The first panel was on the topic of S60 Web Widgets, which was a bit on the geeky side for me, but this second one is on Digital Kids and Disruption is looking interesting. More later once I find somewhere to plug my laptop in!

Cozy beanbags, interesting presentations